Karen is a pejorative term for a woman who is entitled and demanding beyond the scope of what is reasonable.

Nowadays Karens are beginning to look like those zombies who now haunt abandoned Debenhams stores. Once upon a time Karens roamed the urban landscape as free as birds – admired for their beauty, benevolence and wit.

But not anymore. Now they lumber through craft stores and fast-food restaurants and nobody bends their knees to them. (see funny video below)

The new reality of their situation has now hit them like bed-bugs in their underwear and I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for these Karens, really, I am.

Let’s face it, since the age of 12 girls have been told to dress up nice, use face makeup, curl their hair, varnish those nails but for FFS “don’t let anyone see your minge.”

Then, in their late teens they discover that certain anatomical features can make them money, gain them power (over us weak men) and generally out do any lesser women.

By the time that reach their early 40s – or late 40s if they have a trainer, dietician and a sugar daddy – the parts start to drop, hairstylists take longer and they’re told to cover up because “no-one wants to see that.”

(FYI – Men are to totally to blame for all this, maybe not as much as the fashion industry and Procter&Gamble, but still, we are still shamed).

With their child-bearing years behind them, the Karens have now discovered that their mere presence doesn’t command obedience as the feminists once told them it would. The male gaze now eludes them and the pink-framed glasses and frosted hair-styles can’t hide the fact that they are on the downslope.

So now the Karens rage at a world that no longer sees them as threatening, worth bedding or relevant as a human being.

Here’s my advise. Karen, Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate some blood, maybe knit a quilt for a women’s shelter – but in the meantime stuff your privilege where the sun don’t shine and STFU.

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Author: Michael W.