Amongst the key challenges that face me as an investigative journalist is maintaining a work-life balance, legal worries, pressure to get to the truth and of course all the ethical considerations that go with my work.  

That is to say nothing of the psychological negative effects that my discoveries create in my mind.

Yes, sometimes you gotta take a break from it all and change the context of what you’re doing.

For me listening to the music of my younger years is a great way to do this.

As you may have noticed from previous articles RiP always puts a music video at the end of each post. The lyrics of all these songs have enormous meaning ….. especially in today’s dictatorial facist nightmare.

It’s easy to decipher some lyrics – some have no deep-rooted meaning at all, and just happen to rhyme. There are plenty of hugely popular tracks that people think they have sussed, but they don’t have a clue what lies beneath the catchy tune.

So I got to thinking. Why not create a drop down for the music that brings me such relief from all the negativity of this modern world.

The Announcement

Welcome to RiP’s Hiding In Plain Sound.

Thanks for joining me, hope you enjoyed the music. Please like n follow.

Author: Michael W