In the USA of 2021 freedom of expression is all but finished as plans for the formation of a terrifying totalitarian state nears completion.

The effects can be seen throughout American. Regardless of their income, demographics, or social stature people are now being fired from their jobs and being denied access to basic services such as banking and social media.

People who have voiced dissenting political opinions have had their businesses crippled.

Currently access to sources of information which is unsanctioned by the regime is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

The most powerful public and private sector actors have now unified in order to stamp out all dissenting voices, claiming that this is justified in the “interests of public safety.”

Some people have even suggested that the C-19 pandemic is being used as a stepping stone towards global totalitarian rule.

Is this Totalitarian Fascism?

Why do people think that C-19 is being used by fascists in a totalitarian scheme to govern human society worldwide?

According to several experts on modern totalitarian ideologies, America’s most powerful public and private sector actors have now joined together in order to stamp out any dissent to the ‘Orwellian’ style one world government scheme that the facist elite have been planning.

The fear of this so called pandemic, which has been spun relentlessly in the propaganda sodden media, has meant that many Americans have been caught off guard or aren’t even aware of this newly forming dictatorial regime.

They fail to see how elected officials, government bureaucrats, large corporations, the establishment academia, think tanks and nonprofits and the Main Stream Media are now all working together to bring about a ‘one government rules all’ regime across the entire world.

Many now believe that the globalist elites actually created the C-19 ‘pandemic’ as a vehicle to disguise their true agenda.

So much for living in the ‘land of the free.’

An Expert Speaks

Michael Rectenwald, a retired liberal arts professor at New York University had this to say about living in the ‘land of the free‘ in 2021.

Despite the lack of formal overarching organization, the American socialist regime is indeed totalitarian, as the root of its ideology requires politically motivated coercion.

The power of the regime is not yet absolute but it’s becoming increasingly effective as it erodes the values, checks, and balances against tyranny established by traditional beliefs and enshrined in the American founding.

The effects can be seen throughout society. Americans, regardless of their income, demographics, or social stature are being fired from jobs, getting stripped of access to basic services such as banking and social media, or having their businesses crippled for voicing political opinions and belonging to a designated political underclass.

Access to sources of information unsanctioned by the regime is becoming increasingly difficult.

Some figures of power and influence are sketching the next step, labelling large segments of society as “extremists” and potential terrorists who need to be “deprogrammed…”

Really? Lets take a look back in history.

Fascism – What history Has to Say

To claim power, a dictators regime doesn’t initially need to control every aspect of society through government. Not initially at least.

Take Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist Workers Party in Nazi Germany for example.

At first the Nazis used various means to control the economy, including gaining compliance of industry leaders voluntarily, through intimidation, or through replacing the executives with party loyalists.

Similarly in 2021, the regime rearing its head in America relies on corporate executives to implement its agenda voluntarily using intimidation created by online brigades of activists and journalists who launch negative PR campaigns and boycotts in order to progress their preferred societal structure.

So far dissenting media in America hasn’t been silenced by the government directly – not yet anyway.

However dissenting voices are being stymied in other ways.


In this digital age, people largely rely on reaching and growing their audience through social media and web search engines.

These platforms are now dominated by Facebook and Google. Both these companies have now created algorithmic mechanisms to crack down on any voices dissenting the propaganda being disseminated by the main stream media.

For example Google gives preference in its search results to sources it deems “authoritative.” Search results indicate the company tends to consider media ideologically close to it to be more authoritative.

The corrupted media can then produce hit pieces on their competitors, giving Google justification to slash the “authoritativeness” of the dissenters.

Facebook also employs third-party fact checkers who have the discretion to label content as “false” and thus reduce the audience on its platform.

Virtually all the fact checkers focused on American content are ideologically aligned with Facebook.

These internet control systems are the digital ‘Brown Shirts’ of 2021.

What else mimics the Nazi party today?

Also, Hitler initially didn’t control the spread of information via government censorship but rather through his brigades of street thugs, known as the “brown shirts,” who would intimidate and physically prevent his opponents from speaking publicly.

These tactics parallel the efforts of “cancel culture.”

See 2021, CCDH and Antifa.

There’s more..

In August 1938, German authorities decreed that all Jews were obliged to carry identity cards that indicated their Jewish heritage, and, in the autumn of 1938, all Jewish passports were stamped with an identifying letter “J.”

See 2021, vaccination passports to become law.

and more…

During the Holocaust, Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners received tattoos.

2021, see Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip which connects the human brain directly to the hard drive of a computer.

and more…

In November 1938, Nazi legislation barred Jews from all public schools and universities, as well as from cinemas, theatres, and sports facilities.

In 1938 the Nazi party introduced a Restricted Freedom of Movement for Jews law.

See 2021, unvaccinated people barred from public events.

and even more…

November 1938 Jews were forbidden to keep carrier pigeons. Sending messages to the outside world was an absolute no-no in Nazi Germany.

2021. See Parler, mobile app terminated by Google and Apple and then kicked off Amazon’s servers.

And Finally….

Anonymous leaves you now with the following observations.

In this article I have compared the anti-Semitic and facist dictates of probably the worst regime in human history with some of the undemocratic mandates and illegal rulings being inflicted on the world’s population today.

In 2021 some academics are scornful of what they describe as “loaded terms,” but the consequences of underestimating the threat posed to democracy by fascists are not academic.

I would like to stress four things.

One: The features of fascism come together in unique ways. If we are waiting for the ideal-type fascist to make an appearance, meaning a spitting image of Adolf, then we will be waiting forever.

Two: The key features of fascism do not become prominent all at once. They may, in fact, become institutionalised much later in the process.

This is how Tip Toe Totalitarian-ism works.

Three: The closer fascists come to power, the more they put on a pretence of respecting our democratic processes and values.

They don’t.

Using their paid for and corrupted main stream media they lull the electorate into believing they’re not as bad as the liberal and progressive press make them out to be. Their PR campaigns always emphasise their shock-horror at being branded as fascists.

Four: My qualifications to make these observations.

I was in Russia, China and East Germany during some of the worst crack downs on civilians in human history.

I witnessing at first hand what these facist regimes did to ordinary people and these memories still give me nightmares today.

And the horror is it’s going to happen all over again unless we wake up and resist the purveyors of this facist one world government – aka the New World Order.

I leave you now with Another Brick in The Wall by Pink Floyd. It says it all – especially at 4:27.

Peace and Tranquility

Author: Anonymous

Special thanks to


Petr Svab.