This article focuses on the hidden agenda lurking behind the man-made climate change narrative.

The highjacking of the world’s Green Agenda is the latest tip toe totalitarian strategy in a long-planned plot by members of the highly secretive New World Order in order to dismantle the world’s industrial economies and political governance. And pocket the money…. all of it.

It all started in the Club of Rome

Since the inception of the Club of Rome, (a neo-Malthusian think tank founded as a masonic lodge in 1968 by David Rockefeller), the NWO has been seeking to rule our entire world.

Today these secretive elites are continuing to move humanity toward a nightmare of neo-feudalism. Their plans include the complete restructuring of all policies of governance, the international economy and what can and cannot be said by those in public life.

In their bid to eliminate what little remains the national sovereignty of every country on Earth and to slowly privatise everything they own, including natural assets and ecosystems, the NWO has infiltrated the UN and many of it’s affiliated organisations.

These include the World Health Organization (WHO), the IPCC, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), to name a few.

The NWO has also been busy harnessing the power of central banks, investment banks, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), labour unions, philanthropic foundations and billionaires.

Although this conquest by the supranational oligarchy and their social engineers has been in the works for years, their timeline for achieving their goals was greatly accelerated in 2019 when they launched their Covid-19 plandemic.

Part 1 – The C-19 Plandemic

The kickoff of the fake COVID-19 threat represented the first chapter in the NWO cabal’s global takeover playbook.

The fear that was created with the introduction of an alleged deadly virus provided a perfect pretext for governments around the world, (under the direction of the WHO), to suspend the rule of law and implement draconian measures such as curfews, lockdowns, physical separation, biometric surveillance and the mandatory wearing of masks.

Normally these draconian dictatorial measures would never have been accepted by any free thinking population.

However, under the guise of “public safety” these dictates were implemented unchecked all around the world.

Part 2 – “Save the Planet from Climate Change”

With the successful completion of their Covid plandemic, the second chapter in the cabal’s playbook is now proceeding exactly as they have planned.

For over thirty years the NWO cabal has infected the United Nations and it’s satellite organisation the IPCC. Together they have been manipulating historic temperature records, utilising flawed computer climate models and lying with unverifiable statistics in their bid to fool the world’s population into believing there is a coming climate apocalypse.

We cannot over emphasise the fact that both the Covid and the “save the planet from catastrophic climate change” chapters are from the same NWO playbook. This means they are not isolated agendas.

The Covid narrative was the test run for what we can expect to see roll out in the very near future with regard to the climate change swindle.

For example, the plandemic lockdowns, which were instrumental in destroying the global economy while simultaneously enriching the billionaire class, are once again being gradually unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

However this time they will be in the form of “climate lockdowns.”

What follows is an illustration of what we mean.  

15-minute Cities

The unelected officials at the UN and WEF are introducing the concept of the “15-minute city” as a way to “save the planet” from global warming.

Under this new control grid scheme, cities will be divided into 15-minute districts. Residents will be confined to their respective district to conduct daily business through a series of electronic gates located at key roads leading in and out of the city.

After a resident registers their motor vehicle details, every movement their vehicle makes will be tracked and traced via smart cameras. The totalitarian puppets will grant passes to people who need – or simply want­ – to travel to adjacent zones.

However, if drivers exceed their maximum monthly allotment of crosses between zones, they will be fined.

It’s already starting to happen in the UK.

For example on November 29, 2022, Oxfordshire County approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones.

Similar plans are being drawn up for the cities of ParisBrisbaneMelbourne, Portland, Barcelona, and Buenos Aires.

It’s also worth emphasising here that all of the measures being implemented by the ruling oligarchy have absolutely nothing to do with the publically stated intent of either ensuring public safety or of saving the planet from harm.

Finance for Climate Action

As any investigative journalist knows – if you want to get to the truth – Follow the Money.

If we follow the money then evidence of this scurrilous NWO scam can be seen in the Finance for climate action: Scaling up investment for climate and development document which was released at the 2022 COP27 summit in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt.

The document is filled with the usual globalist predatory institutions – Global Public-Private Partnerships (G3P) – who are working in tandem with ALL the central banks and international asset management corporations. 

For instance on page 44 of the document we find the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), which was launched at COP26 in 2021. GFANZ, along with its slew of over 550 major financial institutions, including HSBC, BlackRock, State Street, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank, is apparently leading the charge to facilitate “the decarbonisation of the economy.”

At first glance the GFANZ objectives seem laudable. However, as Whitney Webb explains in her detailed article,

GFANZ’s plans ultimately amount to a corporate-led coup that will make the global financial system even more corrupt and predatory and further reduce the sovereignty of national governments in the developing world.”

Also on page 9 of the GFANZ document, there’s a clause about “expanding the use debt/climate/nature swaps” – this is a euphemism often used by the NWO predators in order to conceal the theft of a nation’s land and natural resources.  

Slogans such as “sustainable agriculture” or “global net zero greenhouse gas emissions” used in the GFANZ document are simply thinly disguised attempts to obfuscate the NWO’s true agenda.

And Finally…..

The climate change “threat” has no more to do with saving the environment than the propaganda about the scamdemic had to do with keeping people “safe and healthy.”

Instead, the real scheme behind the man-made climate change/saving Mother Earth narrative is simply a debt-based scam to monopolise the world’s resources for the benefit of the ruling NWO oligarchy, while simultaneously expanding the framework that will, if allowed, manipulate, regulate, and control every single aspect of our lives.

Is that really the kind of world you want to live in?  

It’s time to lift the veil and expose the lie behind the UN’s catastrophic climate change narrative.

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Author: Michael W