Critics of the Chinese Communist regime often point toward their social credit system, in which the government traces individuals’ electronic paths. This tracking ranges from the comments they post on social media to the items they purchase in the shops.

The CCP social credit system then issues the individual with rewards and/or punishments based on the information the system has collected.

For example, a Chinese citizen who receives a “bad” social credit score might not be permitted to ride one of the famous high-speed trains, being relegated to the slower trains in order to travel. They might also be denied air travel.

Social Credit Score Denounced by West

Not surprisingly, people in the West have denounced the Chinese system as being heavy-handed and dystopian. Critics include CBS News, who can hardly be regarded as a voice for anti-progressivism:

CBS said:

The fear is that the government will use the social credit scoring system to punish people who are not sufficiently loyal to the communist party, and trying to clear your name or fight your score is nearly impossible since there is no real due process.”

Human Rights Watch, who cannot be regarded as a right-wing entity, have been even more scathing in their criticism of China’s social credit system:

They have said:

Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Chinese government’s World Internet Conference that he looks forward to a “common future in cyberspace” with China.

This was an embarrassing gesture toward a state that aggressively censors the internet and envisions a dystopian future online.

Other media entities, including the New York Times, also have been critical of China’s social credit system but apparently they seem to have no problem with the establishment of a similar de facto system being introduced here in the West. 

Not that long ago, British political liberals would have universally agreed that the use of massive electronic surveillance to monitor speech and political contributions was unthinkable.

However, today, not one mainstream journalist has raised a question about the social credit score system that will be coming to the U.K. if we do not resist vaccination passports and electronic ID cards.

What follows is not a rendition of “Democracy Dies in Darkness” but rather an attempt to expose the greater dystopian evil which the dark state (operating within the U.K. Government) is planning for all of us.

Social Credit Score – UK

Many observers believed that it would take two to five years for a British vaccination passport scheme to morph into a Chinese-style social credit system.

In fact, it took less than six months.


In July 2021 it was reported that the British government were planning to introduce a health app in January 2022. The app is designed to monitor an individuals shopping, exercise levels, intake of fruit and vegetables – and then reward them with virtue points which they can then exchange for discounts, free tickets (to what kind of events was not made clear) and other goodies.

Both Capita and Serco (the usual beneficiaries of these demented government schemes) are reported to be bidding for the chance to run this social credit score system.

Let’s ignore the obvious possibilities for fraud: just imagine how many virtue points you could gain by persuading someone else to take your phone jogging with them. In the meantime you tuck into a takeaway Kentucky which you bought with means other than your smartphone.

Yes that’s right everyone, with a little pre-planning you could enjoy all the junk food you want and then get a free ticket to the FA cup final.

And so as to be clear, just because someone has bought some kind of drink or foodstuff it doesn’t mean they are going to consume it. After all, even a teetotaller stocks up on wine and beer when they are throwing a party. 

If this social points health app forces its way into our society then it won’t be long before employers start demanding that their employees use the app, and insist on seeing diet and exercise history before offering someone a job.

It also follows that clubs, and quite possibly pubs and restaurants, will be forced to check an individual’s vaccination status before letting them in.

How long will it be before British restaurants find themselves forced to check our dietary history before selling us a burger and milkshake?

And of course, the NHS will be expected to use the app for the rationing of our healthcare. Don’t expect to be offered a hip operation until you have proved that you are leading a healthy lifestyle! 

However and more to the point, do we seriously want our everyday lives monitored by some unaccountable dark state government department?

There will be no end to this kind of thing if we agree to use this app.

UK Surveillance State

Consider for a moment how the population of Britain was conned/fooled with CCTV cameras. If, and only if it could be said that British civilians consented to the use of CCTV cameras it was only on the basis that they be used to solve serious crime.

Yet look at them now: programmed to systematically issue fines for the most minor of offences, like straying into a bus lane for a few yards, getting caught in a box junction, accidentally dropping litter as you eat your lunch on a city centre bench.

It is always the same with the surveillance state: give the authorities an inch and their mission creeps a mile.

And Finally…

There is only one way we can avoid these vaccination passports and government health apps from developing into a full blown social points scoring system nightmare – ie, the constant surveillance of every aspect of our lives – and that is to reject them now.

Don’t download any app the government is trying to push at you, boycott any venue whose entry is dependent on you supplying personal information on a smartphone.

It is absolutely certain that if we do consent to these things, then sooner rather than later, we will end up with a spy in our pockets ready to ‘ping’ us and admonish us should we fancy a doughnut.

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Author: Michael W and Anonymous.

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William L. Anderson – professor emeritus of economics at Frostburg State University, Maryland.

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