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Uncensored Investigative Journalism.

Rambling In Pen publishes accurate, honest, change-making stories that illuminate the current issues which are facing our world.

Many of these issues today are purposefully censored from public view by those who stand to lose, either financially or professionally.

It is this site’s primary objective to bring about awareness of these topics of paramount importance.

“Don’t just teach your children to read…teach them to question everything that they read…teach them to question everything.”

George Carlin

This site is dedicated to my grandchildren.

About The Authors

Exposing the System

The Exposing the System category is written by Anonymous.

Greenpeace & Environmental

Articles in the Greenpeace and Environmental category are written by Michael W.

Every Picture Tells a Story

RIP often uses subliminal messages (words, pictures, music videos etc.) in both our visual and auditory media.

We do this because we believe that music often has messages hiding in plain sound.

This is why every article we publish ends with a music video.

Universe and UFOs

Articles about the Universe and UFOs are written by both Anonymous and Michael W

Rules For Life

Articles in the Rules for Life category are written by Michael W.

Financial Independence

This is a nonprofit education and research site. Nothing whatsoever on this site is monetised, not even the links. In publishing these articles neither Anonymous, Michael W, RamblingInPen.com or any guest author earns anything from any source what-so ever.

Links to other sites are provided for YOUR informational purposes only.

Any ads seen in videos are not created by this site, nor does it earn from them.

No advertising revenue.

No subscriptions.

No fee paying ‘members only‘ articles.

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