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Rambling in Pen was created by journalist and photographer Michael W in October 2020.

Editorial Independence

Rambling in Pen is a nonprofit education and research site. Nothing whatsoever on this site is monetised, not even the links. In publishing these articles neither Michael W or RamblingInPen.com or any guest author earns anything from any source what-so ever.

Links to other sites are provided for YOUR informational purposes only.

Any ads seen in videos are not created by this site, nor does it earn from them.

No subscription fees.

No advertising revenue.

No fee paying ‘members only‘ articles.

Greenpeace & Environmental

Greenpeace and Environmental category is written by Michael W.

Universe and UFOs

Universe and UFOs category is written by Michael W

Rules For Life

Articles in the Rules for Life category are written by Michael W.


The Unmasked articles are researched and written by Michael W/Anonymous

This site is dedicated to my grandchildren.

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