According to Healthy Way Magazine

The concept of laughter therapy refers to the psychotherapeutic technique that provides mental and emotional benefits through laughter, that is, humour therapy. This type of humour consists in a technique that boosts health and well-being through the stimulation of laughter.

George Carling – were he still with us today – would probably agree.

Well giggling readers, FYI this is the sort of thing that makes me laugh……..

Well that’s quite enough farting for now. Let’s ‘follow through’ with your Memes and Mirth for this week.

This week the theme is the ‘backwoods‘ humour surrounding 91divroC. <—- Go on Suckaturdand Poo-gull work that one out!

Thanks for reading, I hope laughing at this week’s M and Ms has improved your day.

Author: Michael W

PS: Here’s some great Laughter Meditation music to listen to.