Rambling in Pen is pleased to announce that the infamous News Media Images is now part of our portfolio.

The principle author will be Michael W.

In order for this to happen RIP had to drag Michael out of his cheap IKEA bed where he’d been sleeping (pretty much none stop) for the last 5 years!

Really, it’s true.

As many of his followers will remember Michael just can’t (won’t) take anything seriously and his writing style reflects this. As one of the newspapers once said: ‘Michael is mostly funny but sometimes dark and downright mental

This time round Michael will be mocking the world’s elite whilst they attempt to attract positive karma via their MSM propaganda outlets.

Yes, NMi is all about humour and making you laugh at these tyrant’s giant meat pies.

Michael will probably get a little political in his posts, but give him a break – he ain’t pretending to be a serious political commentator. (That’s my job.)

Author: Rambling in Pen