Taking a break from the scary shit that’s dominating our world today let’s talk about Laughter and Yoga.

According to ‘scientific experts’ both activities require the use of deep breathing techniques.


Well, quelle surprise ‘trusting in the science’ and all that bla bla bla leaves me wondering if there might be any other activities which require a deep breathing technique.

Perhaps if I were in a Yoga class with that woman above I’d have a better idea. What do you think?

Nah….. sorry panting doesn’t count! But yes, I grant you those are some tight ol’ pants she’s wearing!

Together we laugh (and pant) to create stronger bonds, with ourselves and others. Laughing allows us to take on the daily challenges which we all face. Especially today. (Yoga is quite another matter!!)

So, without further ado let me present RiP’s Memes and Mirth for April 2021.

Enjoy, pant breath and above all LAUGH!

And finally. Is this a Yoga, Laughter or PANTING technique? Watch it then ask those scientists!

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Author: Michael W