Investigative journalists are part of the media who bring into light the reality of various crimes, secrets and corruption. Uncovering the truth is the primary objective of all investigative journalists.

There are several principles which we all need to follow in order to get to that truth.

These are as follows:

Move outside your comfort zone. Good investigative journalists are not afraid to cover a wide variety of subjects. In order to do so it requires hard work and a willingness to learn.

Leave personal opinions out. Always separate emotional issues from the facts. Failing to to do so can cost a journalist credibility in the eyes of the general public. 

Avoid taking political sides. Avoid taking political sides. Do not show partiality to any one news network. Give interviews to news organisations on both ends of the political spectrum.

ABC. Accept nothing – Believe nobody – Challenge everything.

5 Ws. Who – Where – Why – What – When.

All good work is done in defiance of management. However, these guiding principles do not permit a journalist to break the law, but instead encourages them to go their own way and carry out an investigation as they see fit.

Trust the ScienceNot the Narrative

So let us get to the point of this article.

Since the early days of the Corvid-19 pandemic, the mantra from the mainstream media, government agencies, big-tech oligarchs, and other totalitarian institutions has been “trust the science.” 

The phrase trust the science is one of the most unscientific things one can say. Science is based on skepticism, rigorous testing and retesting.

Not trust then.

Albert Einstein, who knew a lot about science, once said:

The most important thing is to never stop questioning.

Fact vs Fake

Throughout modern history big industries have sought to manipulate the general public’s understanding of any scientific evidence that adversely effects their products.

Nowadays the art of manipulating ignorance (of scientific fact) has become a science in itself – albeit a very dark one.

The study of this phenonema is called Agnotology.

With the constant barrage of Fake News which is bombarding society today it is difficult (if not impossible) for those who are not aware of the science to know where to look in order to ferret out fact from fiction.

Anonymous would point out here that it’s not exactly easy for those who know where to look either.

Proof of Point

It is my absolute pleasure to bring you video by Audiopedia which explains how the dark the science of ignorance manipulation has and is being used to control you.

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