Welcome to the second edition of Hidden in Plain Sound (HIPS) where we consider the hidden meaning to some of the lyrics within popular music – both now and then.

The lyrics of many songs both past and present can make you feel an incredible range of emotions, some good some bad.

Music has a way of touching people’s hearts which can take them into different states of mind, depending on the lyrics.


For me, Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of those tunes, which back THEN, changed the way people felt about a variety of issues effecting their lives.

What those ‘issues’ were depended on two things.

First: The personal life of the individual interpreting the lyrics.

Second: How long it took to come down from the copious amounts of LSD consumed. The social anger issues of the time which the lyrics could (and often were) being applied to.

The song Freebird was first featured on the band’s debut album in 1973 and has been included on subsequent albums.

This song is one of my favourites from that era so my interpretation of it may seem a little biased.

Essentially to me the lyrics in Freebird meant me standing up for my individual right to freedom and the freedom to choose.

To unshackle the social chains which bound me to restrictive relationships.

To put my middle finger up to the system and tell it to… ‘Flow Alysbury Duck’ itself.

So, without further ado, here’s….

Lynyrd Skynyrd + Freebird


Now lets now fast forward nearly 50 years and consider one of the musical sooth-sayers of todays generation.

Luis Rivera Jr, better known as Lil’ Poopy, is a musician who first hit the news for what some might say was for all the wrong reasons.

This pint-sized rapper first became famous at the age of just 9 when he started singing about hookers, machine guns and cocaine.

In 2016 he landed his first record deal with Sony/Epic.

It is hard for someone of my generation to describe Lil’ Poopy as a mature singer, after all he is still only 13 years old.

Conversely, he would probably like to call himself a rapper…. whatever that means to his generation.

I guess, like the lyrics in some of the protest songs back in my generation, Lil’ Poopy’s musical verbosity can (and does) create some very different reactions from the people of his generation.

Talking of which, here’s one reaction which I saw on the YouTube channel of JoeybToonz – this guy had me in fits of laughter.

(WARNING – Watching this video may cause your ass to fall off – and then it might run off down the road and start laughing at anyone wearing a police uniform.)

(Sorry for that Lil’ Poopy, I just couldn’t help myself.)

So joking aside, lets now give it up for….

Lil’ Poopy with Pain in My Eyes.


The Animals and their rendition of The House of the Rising Sun is an all time classic first released on an unsuspecting world back in 1964.

The original version of The House of the Rising Sun was actually a folk song which centred on a real-life historical prison or a house of working girls.

For example, the reference in the song to a “ball and chain” (near the end) is largely alluding to a penitentiary.

However, in The Animals version of the song, many say that it is referring to a gambling house in New Orleans.

Either way, the lyrics of this song had a deep meaning to many people.

The hidden message within the lyrics could be taken to mean…

Prison life sucks.

Stay out of brothels.

Don’t gamble your life away.

Or all three.

It’s also worth noting that today a number of social commentators have linked these lyrics to the Jeffery Epstein scandal.

Anyways…on with the show, here’s a live performance of….

The Animals playing House of the Rising Sun

NOW – The Last Word….

So there you have it. For some these Hidden in Plain Sound messages speak volumes. For others they are about as clear as a chem trail in a goldfish bowl.

Michael would like to thank you all for reading and hopes you’ve enjoyed the article. If so then please share it with those you feel might be interested.

Author: Michael W

Special thanks to

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lil’ Poopy


The Animals