Anonymous is old enough to remember a time when politicians told the truth. If they didn’t then they’d have to go.

Sometimes, they were even forced to resign.

But that was then, and this is now.

Now, you can tell whenever politicians are telling lies – but you don’t care because you voted for them.

So whatever they say is OK with you, even if it turns out to be utter bollocks, which it normally is.

Yes, they may be liars, but they are your liars.

And that is all that matters.

In the Lair of Liars

Any lie you can tell I can tell better………… I can tell any lie better than you.

I think we all know that Boris Johnson is a liar (5000 lies since taking office two years ago), a racist, and a shyster who’s face also happens to be the colour of a nuclear condom.

However, such is the new normal that most people today no longer bat an eyelid at anything Boris says or does, no matter how obnoxious, disgusting or ridiculous it is.

But things are changing. After two years of supine right wing nutters controlling the House of Commons Boris was dragged out of his Lair of Liars and forced to sit his ass down in front of the Commons liaison committee.

The liaison committee, comprises of the chairs of all Commons select committees, is the most powerful of all. Is it any wonder therefore that his new advisor told him to still still and pay attention.

As he faced questions from select committee chairs Boris Johnson was quizzed about the former health secretary’s resignation.

Labour MP Chris Bryant repeatedly asked the prime minister:

Did you sack Matt Hancock?”

Johnson replied:

“We read about the story concerning Mr Hancock and CCTV on the Friday and we had a new health secretary on the Saturday. That’s all I have to say on the matter”

For the next 5 minutes Boris Johnson performed an absolute masterclass in evading MPs’ questions.

Listen and learn:

In response to Robert Halfon’s rather poetic inquiry about the 93,500 “ghost children” missing from school, and the “exam orphans” – Johnson could only thump on about longer school days and one-to-one tuition.

This response was of minimal use to children who weren’t at school in the first place.

It was also a masterclass in not-listening and/or answering entirely the wrong question.

Nothing could have proved more depressing though as the question put to him by Tom Tugendhat.

Tugendhat asked Johnson how he proposed to get the Chinese government to abandon coal, when, at the G7, he couldn’t persuade his six closest allies to do so.

Johnson replied, switching between mumbling and crescendo:

“I don’t want anti-China spirit to lead us to pitchfork away Chinese investment.”

An answer that RiP can only be describe as irrelevant to the point of senselessness.

Conversely, last week when Boris’s former advisor, Dominic Cummings gave evidence to the House Oversight Committee, he provided the panel with names, dates and very specific documents.

And for nine hours, he sang his little heart out.

Unlike our Prime Minister – Boris Johnson.

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Author: Anonymous.

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