If we are not directly alongside other people, we either are texting, phoning, emailing or social media-ing them.

However, spending time alone, with just yourself for company, can reap enormous benefits.

In the first of two articles on this subject we will explore how ‘me-time can really benefit you and your life.

What’s Going On?

Before we look into the benefits of me -time it’s important to reflect on the world in which we often find ourselves.

In this world (and life in general) we are strongly encouraged be popular with people. Therefore it follows that we should constantly be interacting with them.

However, today most of that contact is conducted via the social media platforms or some other digital means.

In this electronic world people are judged by the number of social media followers and digital friends they have. Most of whom they have have never met.

People’s on-line popularity (and status) is often gauged by the number of meaningless likes, ticks, tocks, selfies, shares and gawping emoji’s that followers apply to their posts.

So many people today appear to want others to believe that they are so popular and loved that all their social media down time is spent going out somewhere or doing something amazing with their army of admirers. (see selfies)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if these people stepped away from all that digital none-sense and spent a little time alone in me-time.

Yes indeed. What if people took time out from all that electronic noise to simply do their own thing, on their own, and in their own way?

As you know, taking time to be by yourself is often referred to as Me-Time and having some of it can benefit you in so many ways.

For example me-time can help you become more in tune with yourself and ultimately feel more relaxed about life in general.

Have you ever wondered what you would enjoy doing if you were on your own?

Here are 5 benefits of being alone in me-time:

1. No Pressure.

When you are alone you can take the time to become involved in the activities that you really enjoy.

There is no pressure as to how well you perform them or how accomplished you are at them. 

The joy is in the doing, in the experiencing and with the inner joy that comes from expressing yourself without boundaries.

2. Creativity Flourishes.

Your unique brand of creativity flourishes when you are removed from outside influences. 

If you want to sculpt a statue, paint a picture, design something, write poetry, take a sad song and make it better, it doesn’t matter what it is, being alone in me-time will give your imaginative genius the freedom it needs to explore all kinds of creative possibilities.

It can also be the most rewarding of experiences.

Explore your abilities and interests. You never know you might come up with something that will change your life.

3. Wind Down.

We live in a very hectic and chaotic society. Anxiety and stress related illnesses are at an all-time high.

Taking some me-time on your own allows you to wind down, de-stress and refresh the batteries.

When you re-emerge from your me-time you will be better prepared to tackle the outside world and all that it entails.

4. Me-Time – Solve Problems.

Simply sitting down and thinking through any given problem, pondering about what might have caused it and how best to resolve it, will often result in some very effective solutions.

However, if a solution to the problem is not forthcoming having taken me-time to think things through will often bring you a sense of peace and ultimately give you the courage to carry on.

5. Get to Know You.

Do you truly know yourself? Do you feel you really understand who you are?

Frankly speaking most people do not.

While spending more me-time alone may not bring you the complete answer to this question, however, it can give you a much better understanding of how you truly feel about the things going on in your life. 

Being alone in me-time each day can help you discover more of your abilities, your passions, your interests and even your dislikes.

You will also get a feel for yourself, who you really are and where you fit in this world.

This will help to bring self-confidence into your life and let’s face it everyone needs that.

And Finally…

It is a great idea to spend time on your own because ultimately you are an awesome individual. Spending time with someone awesome is a wonderful, exhilarating and amazing thing to do.

So, take some me-time out and celebrate the real you.

I leave you now with the thoughts that hopefully this article has inspired in you.

While you spend a little me-time thinking about ‘stuff’ try listening to the lyrics of this track from 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up – they are very poignant.

Author: Michael W