This week the internet has shut down all questions starting with the phrase WTF? So I thought I’d pose a question here.

Do you think that having a relationship with an automated bot is a WTF? question our society should be asking itself? I know I do.

WTF are you talking about?

Ok. Let me explain.

Picture the scene. Imagine some 16 yo carrot-top is watching a “lesbian slave girls” movie on his iPhone when his mate texts him to say;

“Guess who I’ve got on my phone now? Yeah mate, I’ve got Replika cumming all over it.”

If you thought teenage boys already spend too much time jerking off to Porn-Hub videos (and who can blame them), well some of those chaps are now going to have more than just blisters to worry about.

Yes indeed, unfortunately for the more traditional members of the porn community there’s a new artificial intelligence app doing the rounds on social media.

The app is called ‘Replika’.

Actually Replika is an A.I. bot which the makers describe as providing,

“ A space where you can safely share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, memories dreams – your private perceptual world. ”

Here’s one of them below.

On visiting their website you are greeted with images of several humanoid faces. They are all smiling invitingly and prompting you to start a conversation with them.

The experience is slightly unnerving, as the A.I’s are sharing their personal preferences and hobbies, including baking cakes.

I know, it’s hard to imagine that in a simple computer programme.

Anyway, here’s the video from the company’s about page which describes this freak show in more detail.

Perhaps the most frightening feature about the Replika app is her sexing-it-up level. Users are prompted to pay (real) money in order to upgrade their A.I. companion to a romp loving nymphomaniac.

When they do pay it unlocks the more flirtatious and intimate side of Replica. It seems that Replika doesn’t just aim to be a simulator friend, but a full-blown digital fuk-buddie.

Yeah, that Replika can be a real slutty-type of bot.

I guess the marketing team behind this nightmare always knew that all the horny trash out there would ultimately want to see Replika covered in nothing more than a few strategically placed soap suds while writhing about in a bath like a slut on heat.

And there’s more. These clowns have even started a Facebook group called Replika Friends which has over 30k members. (Suddenly carrot-top needs to change his underpants.)

And yikes! There are more groups dedicated to this digital dick-dollopping disgrace. See screen grab below.

Mr Suck-a-Turd! Where the hell are your community guideline goofs when we need them?

Oh yes of course, they’re all AI bots too, silly me. I’ll STFU.

I keep waiting to hear about how some mumsi-milf beauty goes sashaying into carrot-top’s bathroom to tell him there’s a time and place for ‘that kind of thing’ but not when you’ve got a lap-top hanging over the bathtub while plugged into the mains.

Shocking thought I know but oh to be a rubber-duckie in that bathroom! I’m kidding, that’s probably the worst job ever.

But seriously now…

There’s nothing in Replika’s branding that indicates that the app is meant to be used only as a supplement to a real human relationship.

Indeed not, in fact the site seems to be selling you the idea that the Replika app can replace any real-life connections altogether.

For example many of their customer testimonies include details of years-long “relationships” which they have formed with the app.

My gut-instinct is telling me that what we’re witnessing here are the first seeds of a system that will eventually replace all para-social relationships with real people.

It begs the question. Is this what they mean by the New Normal – you know, the one they intend to reduce the world’s population with?

Yeah it probably is, so what’s the chance that Bill Gates is lurking behind this one. It certainly brings new meaning to the term ‘gated community’.

A Replika girlfriend can’t judge you.

Replika is unlikely to be the last company to try and automate human relationships – and now thanks to the plandemic-induced lockdowns, people are feeling more isolated than ever.

With all the C-19 restrictions our social interactions have now become more confusing than ever, with the constantly moving goalposts of what is socially-acceptable behaviour. And what is not.

Is it therefore any surprise that some people have chosen to opt out of society altogether?

Welcome to the Frictionless Society

Let’s face it, many people today have now developed an allergy to having any friction in their lives at all.

How they interact with everything and everyone has changed. In the park – when they order their takeaways – from talking to their employers to buttering up potential dates – to the people in the supermarket queue to the passengers on their bus ride home.

It’s ALL changed.

Giving people the choice of an almost frictionless society and a robotic life-style would suddenly make life a lot easier for them. Right?

Lets face it, artificial intelligence, unlike an influencer, an OnlyFans girl, a TikTok star or a Twitter personality, is not only infinitely customisable and reconfigurable, but perhaps more frighteningly it’s now available to buy at your local App Store. 

And Finally….

Perhaps future generations will cut out ‘human’ from their human relationships altogether, and start saving their love for artificially perfected digital fakes.

Today, our thoughts and prayers should be with the world’s real maidens of beauty, because those poor bitches will soon have to start sticking enemas full of pink gunge into their cold, pasty parts because that’ll be the only way they can attract a real man.

And finally. Please resist the temptation to go onto their website and ‘cat-fish’ yourself as Boris Johnson.

No sir, there’s no self respecting ‘bottie‘ that would go anywhere near him.

Let me leave you now with Eminem and his rendition of Till I Collapse. Listen to the lyrics it’s all Hiding in Plain Sound.

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Michael W

Special thanks to

Katherine Dee