Many of the people who have received one or two of the C-19 vaccine jabs are finally beginning to wake up to reality. They now know that they have been lied to. On a monumental scale.

The lie they were told (by the “experts”) was that all they needed to do was get their shots of poison and then everything would return to normal.

However, things have far from returned to normal.

The people are now being told that they will need to have multiple booster shots of this untested and poisonous vaccine where the side effects are proving to be way more deadly than the virus it was meant to protect them from.

Thankfully, many people are now taking a stand and fighting back.

Is it all for the Greater Good ?

So what has happened?

‘Officialdom’ has repeatedly told the people that by taking two shots of Big-Pharma’s pedicide chemical they would be “fully vaccinated.”

Because the people trusted the system they obediently they took their shots, often reluctantly.

However, now the people are discovering that they have been lied to.

They are discovering that if they refuse to subject themselves to yet another shot of poison – the booster – then they will once again be labeled as the “unvaccinated”.

(It should be noted that Moderna’s the value of stock jumped 5% after they released the news that they had released a new single shot booster.)

Unvaccinated being Denied Employment

For refusing to participate in the biggest ‘lab rat’ experiment in human history tens of millions of ‘unvaxed’ people are being now fired from their jobs, kicked out of school, removed from government departments and refused medical care.

However, instead of accepting these genocidal injections more and more people are now relying on their natural immune systems in order to overcome a virus which peer reviewed scientists agree has a 99%+ survival rate for the vast majority of the population.

Meanwhile the existing system of employment is beginning to collapse under a sea of “vaccinated” talent shortages, incompetence, and woke political nonsense.

We are now seeing hospitals unable to find much needed nurses. Many schools cannot find teachers. Vital government departments are having trouble filling open positions as they are forced to compete with businesses who don’t pry into people’s healthcare privacy.

Companies without vaccine mandates are performing better and getting all of the best talent. Doctors are starting private practices. Families are beginning to homeschool their children.

All across the globe major cities are beginning to see a mass exodus unlike anything in modern history.

All of the best, talented, and smartest people are critical thinkers. They are builders. DoersThey are now starting to withdraw from this dictatorial system of governance.

What will be left is the low quality “yes” men – who will shut up, do what they are told, and pressumably get their 15th booster shot in order to keep their jobs.

You all know the type of sheeple we’re talking about. Our pity should go out to these people.

And Finally….

Currently the society of obedient regime sheep is still chugging along, but inevitably it will succumb to the weight of a growing new and free parallel society.

People all across the globe are beginning to wake up. They now realise that they have to take control of their own destinies and to do whatever they need to do in order to protect their families, preserve their values and defend their rights to Freedom of Choice.

Yes, the people are beginning to say ‘enough is enough.’

So, if you’ve already been vaccinated then now is the time to join those of us who are refusing to get any more of these poisonous death shots.

Unite with us and start building a new society, free from Big-Pharma’s dictatorial tyranny, free from political corruption, lies, corporate bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage,  embezzlement and influence peddling. 

Rise Up People of the World – Defend your Right to Freedom of Choice – Say NO.

Author: Editor/Rambling in Pen