Many people are now aware that global leadership around the world has been infiltrated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) whose hidden agenda is to implement global authoritarianism through a one world government.

To achieve their end the WEF are using psychological and information war techniques.

It should be noted that the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has worked tirelessly on embedding people into government who are subscribed to his Great Reset agenda.

In his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset” Schwab openly argues that the COVID-19 response should be used to:

“Revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

He also urges industry leaders and decision makers to: 

“Make good use of the pandemic and not let the crisis go to waste.”

The WEF has also clearly articulated its interest in developing a global digital ID system.

It appears that the people of our world can now look forward to a never-ending process which keeps us moving toward more and more authoritarianism.

Jo Rogan talks with Maajid Nawaz

Podcaster Joe Rogan has interviewed Maajid Nawaz, a former Islamist revolutionary who eventually became an anti-extremism activist.

Nawaz’s past experience has helped him to recognise the psychological mind games which are currently being waged against the world’s civilian population with the COVID pandemic scare.

Nawaz believes that we are in a hybrid war, a war in which information is the primary weapon.

In the interview Maajid Nawaz, an anti-extremism activist, discusses the manufacturing of consent around things that aren’t true – propaganda.

He also believes that global leaders are repeatedly shifting the goal posts in order to disorient and confuse the people – to the point where they don’t have the strength to question government policies and/or their propaganda.

According to Nawaz:

“We’re in a hybrid war. It’s basically an information war, because the primary weapon is information, and whoever gets to define reality with their narrative wins.”

He goes on to explain how, when recruiting for their cause, governments first have to dismantle and destroy people’s current views of the world.

After that, they can indoctrinate them with their propagandist view of the world.

Governments grab control through ‘Emergency Powers’

Governmental use of Big Tech obviously plays a crucial role in this war, as they have the technology and the algorithms to influence, manipulate and mould people’s minds by deciding what narratives they are allowed to see.

This applies to both main stream and social media outlets.

Through the use of social media platforms these dark state government bureaucrats can easily make it appear as though a minority, fringe position is actually backed by a majority.

Ironically, the people who are being brainwashed by these propaganda campaigns are in many cases fiercely defending the right of these media companies to mould and manipulate them.

Once brainwashed into believing that these government sponsored narratives are true many people start to support both censorship and the cancel culture. They do so without understanding the impact it’s having on their understanding of reality or what’s really happening in the world at large.

Read THIS for more information on how both the US and U.K government propaganda campaigns have been constructed.

What many people are now aware of is that when governments across the world invoked emergency powers to handle the Corvid pandemic many of the powers they granted themselves (often illegally) are now becoming a permanent feature of their so called “new normal”.

That’s exactly why they invoked them in the first place.

In the interview with Joe Rogan Nawaz explains:

“Emergencies are always used by the state for power grabs. Once they’ve been able to expand a power under the banner of a national emergency, they keep it. They don’t roll it back.”

It follows that when, in 2020, the COVID pandemic was used to suspend human rights, the enlightened knew we were on the slippery slope to an Orwellian disaster.

A Radical Shift in Our Social Contract

In the Rogan interview Maajid Nawaz warned that we are now experiencing a very radical shift in our social contract with the state.

Before the pandemic, the social contract’s accepted modus operandi, was that everyone has the right to bodily autonomy.

For example, while it’s good to donate blood, you are not required to do so – even if someone’s life is at stake.

And no, the state cannot demand that you donate a kidney just because you have two functioning kidneys and someone else might need one.

It therefore follows that if someone is vulnerable to illness due to preexisting conditions, that person has always been expected to take their own precautions.

As Nawaz says in his interview – what we have never done is make other people responsible for our preexisting conditions and then try to force them to submit to a medical intervention which could harm them in order to improve our own chances of survival.

It follows therefore that if the state is going to tell people they must get vaccinated because it is their duty to protect other people, then that mandate is a deep and radical shift away from the existing social contract.

Nawaz also argues that these state mandates should require serious public dialogue followed by a democratic mandate. But that’s not happening. We’re now told that we must surrender our bodily autonomy for the common good. If people disagree, they’re simply canceled and eliminated from the public forum.

While not specifically discussed in the interview, this new social contract, sprung on us during the COVID crisis, is actually part and parcel of The Great Reset.

The totalitarian tip-toe into the surrendering of all individual rights – is the “new social contract” that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has envisioned and is pushing out to the world through his installed leaders.

What kind of society and world, do we want to live in?

Nawaz says:

“We can’t go from democracy to a ‘papers please’ society … without having any consultation with the public on this. We need to have a proper conversation about how this will permanently change the structure of our society.”

The fundamental problem is that we’re told we must believe that governments and their leaders know what’s best and they will always act in our best interests.

However, we know the state can get things very wrong indeed.

In the interview Nawaz also gives several examples where national governments have acted against the best interests of their people. In other words they have lied.

This is also true for Big Pharma. Using their bought and paid for MSM outlets they are constantly telling us to have trust their products, their science and to believe that they’re always working to protect our health.

However for those who know the criminal history of some of these drug companies, that’s a tall order.

It should be noted, the largest criminal fine in history was levied against Pfizer. In fact they have a very long rap sheet. Yet we’re being expected to take their experimental gene altering product (vaccine) on faith alone.

In addition journalists (copy typists) in the MSM are constantly telling the to ignore all the data that suggests Pfizer is not, in fact, being entirely honest about the benefits and risks of their products.

For more information on who is ultimatley behind this RiP suggests that you watch this terrifying two part documentary which was released by

It is entitled “CORONAGATE : Big Pharma, Switzerland and Organised Crime “

To watch the documentary click these links–> Part One Part Two

Psychological Warfare

When there’s no truth or reasoned debate, power gets to define reality.

One of the primary methods used by ‘the system’ in order to shut down reasoned debate and ultimately the truth is to expose people to propaganda campaigns. It doesn’t matter if these campaigns are factually correct or not.

By using these campaigns power gets to dictate what the truth appears to be to the majority of ordinary people.

For the general population there is no way to determine if that power is being honest because most people work in full-time jobs and have families to support. They simply don’t have the time to do the research required to discern the truth.

This has devastating consequences truth and reasoned debate.

Instead, the majority of ordinary people turn to ‘trusted voices‘ in the main stream media to give them an interpretation of what the truth and reality is.

The goal of the state controlled mainstream media is to disorient and confuse people to the point that they don’t have the strength to question any of their government’s narratives.

This is how propaganda works. It’s psychological warfare and ultimately how we end up with state authoritarianism.

This is why information is the most powerful weapon in the fight for control and power.

Coming Next: Financial Warfare

Another control mechanism currently being developed by the state is the implementation of a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC) – digital cash.

Ultimately these CBDCs will be programmed so that they can only be spent on goods or services which an employer or government agency agrees with or deems to be sensible.

In other words, the issuer of the CBDC will have control how the recipient spends it. With that control the issuer will have near-total control over the population’s behaviour.

In the interview Nawaz and Rogan also discuss how a global cabal are planning to control the world population through the use of these programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

As noted by Nawaz, with these programmable CBDCs, governments will also have complete control over anyone who disagrees with their policies or activities.

For example if an individual were to express dissent for a government policy then using this CBDC technology a government could restrict how the person is allowed to spend their ‘money‘, or even shut down their bank account altogether.

It should be noted that the Canadian government have done exactly this to the truckers and those who contributed to their protest movement.

For example, if the U.K government didn’t want Nawaz to appear on Joe Rogan’s show, they would be able to reprogram his CBDCs with the click of a button, such that he would not be allowed to purchase a plane ticket.

Social Credit System

There’s a reason why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg once had to sit on a stack of books in front of US Congress commitee and testify. It’s because the information that his organisation has been harvesting and selling is so incredibly, horribly detailed.

When you read the above infographic, you’ll see where we’re going with this.

Many people believe that a social credit scoring system was predicted back in 2016 by film writer Charlie Brooker. In his futuristic Black Mirror series screened on Netflix – this is exactly what happens in the episode of NOSEDIVE.

Since its initial screening “Nosedive” has been widely compared to China’s Social Credit System – a communist party initiative which began in 2014.

This system is exactly what the globalist elites are now trying to implement via their digital ID app. Ultimately this will give them complete control over people – with an app that will link everything in a persons life in one central spot.

This digital ID app will hold employment records, medical records, social media postings, fitness and eating habits, location records, romantic relationships, financial records and much much more.

This is why governments around the world have been fighting so hard to introduce vaccine passports, as these passports are simply a stepping stone for the true intentions of the global elites – a Digital ID for everyone on the planet.

For more information on the U.K. government’s intention to introduce both a Social Credit System and a Digital ID system read –> THIS

And Finally…

We’re in a war and information is the primary weapon. Government leaders and big commerce are playing with our minds by continually shifting the goalposts to destroy our current view of the world and make us question what is reality.

What’s coming next is just as – or even more – disturbing.

Relativism, the idea that truth is relative and personally subjective, is dangerous because without objective truth, there’s no objective reality, and without objective reality, whoever has the power gets to dictate reality.

Ultimately, this is how we end up with authoritarianism.

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We leave you now with a tune from Demi Lovato titled Commander In Chief. The lyrics speak for us all.

Peace and tranquility.

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Jo Rogan and Maajid Nawaz