With less than a week to go before the planned relaxation of the ‘rules’, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, said laws permitting three households to mix would remain in place – but people should exercise extreme caution.

He urged families to limit the length and scale of gatherings this Christmas.

At a press conference yesterday (16-12-20) Boris said we should ;

Keep Christmas Short and Small

Short and small? That’s Boris Johnson all over!

Take a long look at ….our Prime Minister.

Dear readers this pathetic excuse of a human being is a shambling, unkempt, badly-dressed, mop-headed pillock. But yes, somehow he is our Prime Minister.

Does he make you feel proud to be British? (Answer – no).

His suit jackets do not fit, normally tied with the single button hanging on for dear life. They look like a mountaineer clinging to the cliff-edge….. while his trousers usually look like a set of crumpled jodhpurs.

His shirts are never fresh either. The collars are a disgrace too – a size 18 collar on a size 15 neck.

And his ties – always manky. If he cannot do better than this, then he should come to press briefings dressed in a track-suit and be done with it. That is, if he can find one.

I understand, our PM is a busy man, handling the Nation’s Corvid- Plandemic. RIP gets that. But that is no excuse for looking like a sack of shit.

Besides our Prime Minister is an excellent liar. Everyone knows he is a good liar.

So what? He upsets the sneering conspiracy theory elite. He wants to get Brexit done. Now he has the Corvid-Plandemic to do whatever he wants.

To assault our human rights. To dismantle our employment laws. To attack the NHS. Carry On Lying.

Yes folks, this is the new normal.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone – now be good and go wash your hands.

Author: Michael W