For some time now more and more people from all across the world have been discussing COVID-19 vaccination programs.

However they have found themselves in an ever-tightening grip of online censorship and the attacks on them are intensifying with each passing day.

While, on the surface, discussions about health issues and geopolitics appear to have nothing in common, it now seems that they are very much intertwined.

 Vaccines, Geopolitics and the NWO

As more and more people become aware of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution, they are beginning to believe that the elimination of our freedom of choice (to choose our medicines) is part of a co-ordinated global plot to create a one world government – aka New World Order (NWO).

Many are now asking if these Corvid-19 vaccinations are really about the introduction of a biometrical surveillance and enslavement program via a centrally-controlled all-digital identification system.

And asking questions like that just won’t do said the British government.

GCHQ unleashes cyber-warfare on the British

Both media and online censorship has reached new heights this year. According to recent independant media reports, intelligence agencies are now collaborating together in order to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from any public discussion.

And they are using sophisticated cyber-warfare tools to do it.

In an article for Unlimited Hangout the independent investigative journalist Whitney Webb had this to say:

“The UK’s GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) has begun an offensive cyber-operation to disrupt anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by hostile states and is using a toolkit developed to tackle disinformation material peddled by Islamic State to do so.

In addition, the UK government has ordered the British military’s 77th Brigade, which specialises in ‘information warfare,’ to launch an online campaign to counter ‘deceptive narratives’ about COVID-19 vaccines.

The newly announced GCHQ ‘cyber war’ will not only take down ‘anti-vaccine propaganda’ but will also seek to disrupt the operations of the cyber actors responsible for it, including encrypting their data so they cannot access it and blocking their communications with each other. 

The effort will also involve GCHQ reaching out to other countries in the Five Eyes’ alliance (USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) to alert their partner agencies in those countries to target such ‘propaganda’ sites hosted within their borders.”

Are anti-vaxxers a national security risk?

According to reports in the UK’s main stream media, the British government regards tackling false information about vaccines as a top priority.” 

Imran Ahmed, head of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, said:

“Anti-vaxxers are an extremist group that pose a national security risk. Once someone has been exposed to one type of conspiracy it’s easy to lead them down a path where they embrace more radical world views that can lead to violent extremism.”

Does this mean that Ahmed (and the British government) believes that anyone who questions the safety/ necessity of a COVID-19 vaccine might be prone to violent extremism?

This is what Whitney Webb had to say

“It seems that, from the perspective of the UK national-security state, those who question corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and its possible impact on the leading experimental COVID-19 vaccine candidates (all of which use experimental vaccine technologies that have never before been approved for human use) should be targeted with tools originally designed to combat terrorist propaganda.”

Who is helping GCHQ

According to Webb, the US intelligence agencies are helping GCHQ determine whether a website/person is part of a foreign disinformation operation – or not.

While GCHQ has claimed that only foreign state actors will be targeted, and not “ordinary citizens,” there’s little evidence to suggest UK citizen’s won’t be swept up in this global information blackout operation.

It is certainly plausible that GCHQ could take the word of an allied government, that a given website or person is involved in ‘foreign propaganda’ to justify launching a cyber-war offensive against them. 

These concerns were amplified after a UK government source said:

GCHQ has been told to take out anti-vaxers both online and on social media. There are ways they have used to monitor and disrupt terrorist propaganda.

This suggests that the targets of GCHQ’s new cyber war will, in fact, be determined by the content itself rather than any suspected ‘foreign’ origin. 

The ‘foreign’ aspect instead appears to be a means of evading the prohibition in GCHQ’s operational mandate on targeting the speech or websites of ordinary citizens.

GCHQ has also been reaching out to their intellegence partners in the Five Eyes Alliance (FVEY) to ensure that they too get ‘eyes on’ any dissenting voices within their borders. And that includes the USA.

Proof in Clues

Clues that US intelligences are also involved in a cyberwar against the British public can be found in a white paper which was published in the InfraGard Journal.

(InfraGard is a nonprofit security group who are closly affiliated with the FBI. They collaborate on a variety of educational and information-sharing initiatives which help to mitigate foreign threats.)

In the InfraGard paper (published June 2019) it claims that the anti-vaccine movement is being orchestrated by Russian government-aligned organisations seeking to “sow discontent and distrust in topics and initiatives that serve U.S. interests and that the biggest threat in controlling an outbreak comes from those who categorically reject vaccination.”

Does InfraGard speak for the UK? 

The official answer to that question is – Not directly, but considering InfraGard serves as a public-private partnership among U.S. businesses, individuals and the FBI it’s bound to have some degree of influence in the UK.

Given that a Covid-19 vaccine has now been be approved, it appears that the UK national-security state, along with their ‘trusted messengers’ in main stream media, have now entered the second phase of their mass communications strategy.

This is to target any news organisations, journalists or citizens who might raise legitimate concerns about the use of C-19 vaccines.

Any such organisations or people caught doing so will be de-platformed in order to make way for the ‘required’ pro-vaccine messages to be spread across the entire English-speaking landscape.

Sites identified by CCDH as national security risk

Here are just four sites which have been specifically targeted by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) because they (apparently) pose a national security risk to the UK: 

  • Children’s Health Defense (run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)
  • The Informed Consent Action Network
  • The Organic Consumers Association 
  • The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

It is worth pointing out here that many of the so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ are simply critics of a private pharmaceutical industry ( Big Pharma) which is unaccountable to anyone. They are not necessarily opposed to vaccines in and of themselves.

Therefore this makes the blanket labels of ‘anti-vaxxer’ and ‘anti-vaccine’ slightly misleading – but then that’s what propaganda is all about.  

Your human rights

It certainly appears that the UK government is lumping enemies of the state and those questioning Big Pharma into the same category. Essentially if you criticise one you criticise the other.

In short, if you endanger the reputation of Big Pharma then you are now viewed as a national security threat.

It is vital to remember that the right and freedom to critique one’s government is a foundation stone of democracy. Therefore this state-sponsored war against the distribution of alternative opinion is a radical detour from these democratic principles.

To say that we’re living in extraordinarily dangerous times would be an understatement because technocratic totalitarianism is quite literally banging on our front doors.

However, if we keep our wits about us and share the truth, the facts and continue to raise questions then we will ultimately stop the dystopian future that the global elites have planned for us.

Author: Anonymous