Ever since the COVID-19 plandemic began, it has been obvious that ‘health passports’ would be both implemented and then made mandatory.

Yesterday Boris Johnson hinted at the reality of the ‘two tier’ Britain which our country is now facing.

Whilst he refused to confirm that health passports would become mandatory make no mistake about it – the voluntary ‘health passports’ now being rolled out to health workers are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Before long, health passports will become mandatory for everyone, at which point unvaccinated individuals will effectively be excluded from society.

Let’s be realistic health passports – once made mandatory – will totally restrict unvaccinated people’s ability to move about and engage in social activities.

The unvaxed will also face financial penalties.

Medical Techno-Fascism

It’s now obvious that COVID-19 is being used as justification for the implementation of global economic and social changes which have been decades in the planning.

These changes are being promoted in socially appealing terms like, social justice, save lives, clap the NHS and all things fair and wonderful, but the harsh reality is that those terms are diametrically opposed. 

This is where social engineering through main stream media propaganda (brainwashing), censorship and artificial intelligence has come in.

In short, we are now being governed by the WHO (although the ruling agency is more likely to be Bill Gates and his corrupt Gavi organisation).

Ultimately this medical technocracy plans to take control of your physical body, health records, geolocation and all your activities, including your spending.

In-Brain Chips

Elon Musk even wants to implant one of his neuro-chips into your brain. That way everything can be connected (and trackable in real time) by artificial intelligence-driven software which will analyse everything you do.

Essentially, you’ll be connected to a centralised blockchain system from which there will be no return.

That means that your mind, body and soul will no longer be yours to preside over.

It’s hard to imagine a less free society than that.

Economic Warfare

Without doubt, health passports are just part of an economic war which is being waged on the world’s working people.

Since the beginning of the plandemic (March 2020,) the greatest transfer of wealth in history has taken place – stolen from the working class by the wealthiest 1%.

Their Great Reset scheme will complete this transfer and then we will own nothing.

That proclamation is not a tin-hat conspiracy theory. It comes straight from the horse’s mouth – the World Economic Forum – which, for years, has been one of the driving forces for this technocratic and trans-humanistic agenda.

If you want to take a deep-dive into the COVID economic reset, check out the technocracy exposure queen, Alison McDowell.

To listen to her exposé of how the plandemic has allowed the technocrats to push through their nefarious plans, go –> here.

In the video below, ex-Cabinet minister David Davis warns that FORCING British citizens to use vaccine passports would be both illegal and discriminatory.

Regardless of how you wish to describe it, the fact is that health passports are the first step to denying you your right to self-determination.

Mandatory heath passports will also deny you your human right to decide what medical risk-taking you’re willing to submit to.

Author: Anonymous