If you’re easily scared by some of Darpa’s dark state activities then look away now because what you are about to learn here is not only scary it is also evil personified.

And these ops are also Hidden in Plain Sight…..

What is a Psyop?

Psyops, or psychological operations, is a term used to describe a variety of techniques used in the psychological manipulation of people. Their goal is to influence human behaviour using fear desire logic etc.

Psyops are intended to deceive, confuse, disrupt and demoralise.

Ultimately the aim of a psyop is to weaken all resistance and to make entire populations surrender or capitulate to the operations message.

Please, don’t all shout ‘plandemic’ at me at the same time….

Psyops -> dark arts -> USA

For the purposes of this report (and for my own safety) I will explore only the United State’s involvement in Psyop programs.

However, let me state that every country in Europe has similar operations which are underway right now.

Here is a list of US military divisions who are actively engaged in Psyop programs

Country: United States of America.

Type: Special Operations Forces (which is part of Special Operations Command.)

Army: 4th PSYOP Group, and 8th PSYOP Group.

Air Force: 193d Special Operations Wing.

Marine Corps: Marine Corps Information Operations Centre.

Army Reserve: United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command.

Navy Reserve: Naval Reserve Atlantic Fleet.

PSYOP Audiovisual Units – garrisons/HQs:

Army: Fort Bragg

NC: Marine: Quantico, VA

Air Force: Middletown, PA

Navy: Norfolk, VA

Patron: Saint Gabriel (Army)


“Persuade, Change, Influence” (Army)

“Never Seen, Always Heard” (Air Force)

Identification Symbol:

Army: A chess ♞ knight (see above picture)

Psycops – the audiovisuals.

Today little is known about how some of these psyops are being aimed right at YOU!

(Yes, yes, the plandemic, I heard y’all the first time.)

However, below you will find two examples of audiovisual psyops which are being aimed right at you – right now.

The Boys – Psyop series on Amazon

The video (below) is a trailer to an Amazon Prime series called The Boys.

The Boys is a fictional American superhero series developed by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime Video.

It is set in future and follows the eponymous team of vigilantes trying to combat super-powered individuals who abuse their abilities.

In other words, a classic concept of Good verses Evil.

The series is one of Amazon Primes most popular ever to be screened.

Guess who wins? The goodies or the badies? That’s right everyone, the goodies.

This entire series is a psyop!

MegaMind – Animated Psyop Film

Megamind is another example. This American made computer-animated superhero comedy film was directed by Tom McGrath and released by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation.

The film features the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Brad Pitt.

It tells the story of a super-intelligent alien supervillain, Megamind, who after a long-lasting battle one day actually destroys his foe, the much-loved superhero Metro Man.

Having Metro City for himself, Megamind finds out that his villainy has no purpose, and thus creates a new superhero to serve as his nemesis.

His plan backfires, and he ends up creating a new supervillain.

With Metro City spiraling out of control, Megamind joins forces with reporter Roxanne Ritchi as they attempt to set things right and help Megamind discover his newfound purpose – as a superhero.

So why did they chose Bad by Michael Jackson for the trailer (see video above)?

Bad is just another piece in the jig-saw puzzles of created in these American dark state psyops. After all everyone loved Michael Jackson and Bad was his most popular hit.

Did you hear the opening words to this MegaMind video?

Did anyone hear that loud, “HMMMM” sound coming from me? (And no, it wasn’t a Vaginal Fistula)


The purpose of both these films (and many many more) is to lull the public into sub-consciously believing that their fears of an ever uncertain future are unfounded because all the evil entities will be destroyed by the good guys… ie the American state will always come to the rescue.

Do the math….

1: The Boys – Amazon Series set in the future:

The Much Feared Future + Good v Evil = Good guys win.

2: MegaMind – Animated Film set in the future:

A futuristic cartoon Film + Music + Michael Jackson + Bad + Good v Bad = Good guy wins.

1 + 2 = Good Guys Win Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, just leave things to us folks…. after all we’re on your side. Off you go now – watch some Pornhub.

So there you have it. Clear as a Chem Trail Hidden in Plain Sound.

The Dark State in America are very good at creating these audiovisual psyops. They should be too, after all they’ve been researching psychological manipulation in one guise or another since the 1950’s.

For more information about that read —> the history of MK Ultra

That’s right everyone, Klaus Schwab and his Build Back Better BS World Economic Forum (aka the New World Order) will look after us all.

For more information about that read our article —> the Great Reset

(FYI: The NWO is a collective term which Anonymous associates with all those corrupted, self interested, power grabbing gunts, media moguls and minge abusers who are currently actively engaged in trying to take total control of our world.)

(Yes I know, deliberate typo!)

Of course, I Could Be wrong – I Could Be RIGHT.

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