Some Facebook users have recently reported being sent warning messages from the social media giant relating to “extremists” or “extremist content.”

The message also provides a “Get Support” button which leads to another Facebook page about extremism.

The editor of the Redstate website, Kira Davis, was sent a screenshot of this message from a friend.

She then posted this on her Facebook timeline:

 “Hey has anyone had this message pop up on their FB? My friend (who is not an ideologue but hosts lots of competing chatter) got this message twice. He’s very disturbed.”

Others have also reported they have received a warning message suggesting they may have been “exposed to harmful extremist content recently.”

The message then states that, “violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment,” similarly offering a “Get Support” option.

Another user on Twitter wrote:

“Facebook randomly sent me this notice about extremism when I clicked over to the app. Pretty weird. … The Get Support button just goes to a short article asking people not to be hateful.” 

It seems that this message has become something of a talking point on the socials.

And that was the whole idea. Read on….

Facebook Responds

Without elaborating a Facebook spokesperson confirmed (on July 1) that the company is currently running these warnings as a test to some users*.

Here’s Facebook’s rather bland statement:

This test is part of our larger work to assess ways to provide resources and support to people on Facebook who may have engaged with or were exposed to extremist content, or may know someone who is at risk.

We are partnering with NGOs and academic experts in this space and hope to have more to share in the future.

In the US lawmakers have repeatedly pressured CEOs of big tech firms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft, essentially accusing them of allowing “extremism,” misinformation, and cyberbullying on their platforms.

Social media companies have also faced criticism from Republicans who have accused them of censoring conservative voices and limiting their reach – or outright blocking any content that portrays Democrat political figures in a negative light.

These warning messages were sure to trigger even more negative feedback against Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, over fears that the company is attempting to stifle free speech.

If any of you assume that this would prove to be a problem for Facebook then I would ask you to consider the following question.

Who do you think the customer is here?


No. You are the product.

Hidden In Plain Sight.

However, there’s much more to it than a few virtue signally politico’s jumping up and down in senate committee room hearings.

In essence all this political virtue signalling being played out in front of the MSM cameras has served to achieve is to provide Facebook with a PR statement justifying what they are doing now, (see above statement).

What of course they ain’t telling anyone is that this program (of apparent care for their users emotional health) is that it is being conducted by America’s top intelligence agency, the NSA.

It’s therefore fair to say that the real purpose behind the sending of this message is a somewhat sinister one.

Essentially its part a secret NSA sponsored program which is designed to gather political and private information on Facebook users.

The idea is to create an ever increasing watchlist of people that may disagree with the US government’s mainstream agenda.

The intention is to create a list of objectors. Anyone on this list will ultimately be subjected to further programs of indoctrination, restrictions and who knows what else in the future..

In principle this type of program is nothing new. All facist and communist dictatorships, both past and present have used similar tactics.

How the Program works

Messages received from Facebook are not always what they seem.

In principle these messages are a sophisticated psychological ‘clickbait’ trap which, by their very nature, are designed to cause an extreme of emotion.

That emotion could be anger, confusion, curiosity, whatever – it’s designed to get you to post about it to your friends on the platform.

And that’s the whole purpose.

In its broadest sense this is how it works:

Phase One

Target *some users who have a reasonable amount of friends/followers:

Target users who also engage with others on a regular basis:

Send the clickbait message those users:

Phase Two

Monitor ALL responses made in the comments section by the users friends:

Add ALL those users who submitted comments to a watch list of potential subversives.

Launch watch bots on all those users.

Phase Three

FILE A REPORT TO CLIENT – on a daily basis.

Once the report is filed the NSA then create a new watchlist. This is then used to increase the size and scope of the original program and any programs to follow. .

On and on it goes.

As time goes by they will refresh the original clickbait message with a new one. Keep people engaged.

For example. The latest message in this program was launched today, American Independence Day (4th July).

This message involved millions of users being barred from sharing anything from another FB timeline, a page, a group or even an external link for 12 hours.

No explanation was given.

As the psychologists (employed by both Facebook and the NSA) suspected, this new message would cause millions to express their anger and indignance.

Naturally lots of comments were made on these posts.

And on and on we go…..

And Finally…

RiP would like to thank y’all for reading and hopes you return soon.

Let me leave you with the amazing Morning Glory by British rock band Oasis.

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