This is July 2021 – the month the UK will be freed from house arrest.

July 2021 is also the month that your always truthful (and sometimes salacious) author, Anonymous has been scouring the internet for outrageous scandals.

After all Rambling in Pen is a known spiller of secrets and therefore has its clickbait to think about.

WTF – RiP and clickbait, how the hell does that combo of opposites work ?!?

Let’s face it next to fear and outrage, what drives clicks to a website is SEX… so why not mix them all together?

Yeah, now that’s what I call clickbait.

So. We need Fear, Outrage, Sex and ….. damn it, I’ve lost my train of thought.

Welcome to the July edition of Memes and Mirth.

And from now on you can …….. Call me the Breeze.

Thank y’all for reading, please like and come back soon.

Author: Michael W.

Special thanks

Lynyrd Skynyrd