In an article published by Lockdown Skeptics  entitled – The Imperial Model and its Role in the UK’s Pandemic Responsethe author, Derek Winton, rightly called into question the scientific qualifications held by the notorious Neil M Ferguson from Imperial College.

Ferguson is the individual who has been the UK government’s most consequential science advisor during the COVID crisis.

In his article Winton has questioned Ferguson’s qualifications, saying:

“The expertise of an expert is entirely relevant, indeed arguably it’s the only thing that is relevant. So let’s look at the qualifications of our expert.

In an interview on the BBC’s Life Scientific, Ferguson conceded to not having an A-level in Biology. As far as publicly available information is accurate, he appears to have no formal training in computer modelling, medicine or epidemiology either.”

As Winton discovered, Neil Ferguson holds no formal qualifications in any of the biological sciences – not as a microbiologist, a virologist, an epidemiologist or a biological statistician.

So the repeated claims by the UK’s main stream media – which continually depict Ferguson as ‘one of the country’s top epidemiologists’ – are not only wrong they are also deliberately misleading.

It also appears that Mr Ferguson and his pronouncements may be influenced by other parties. In a 2018 documentary “TrustWHO” the film’s maker, Lilian Franck, said:

Neil Ferguson declares consultancy fees from GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter, and Roche.

These companies are manufacturers of Swine Flu vaccines and medications.”

This begs the question. What is this failure of a human being really up to?

Here’s your answer.

Below you will see copy of a leaked internal document which it is claimed was sent by Ferguson to collegues on June 14th 2021.

Note: Professor Chris Whitty, who is Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser and head of the public health profession, is among the recipients

As you will see the document appears to directly contradict all the public statements made by the UK government and it’s representatives in recent weeks.

Point of interest: Note Ferguson talking about HAY FEVER…..

If the content of this document is to be believed then it surly exposes the true intentions of a nefarious and evil government – namely to force the UK’s population into permanent lockdown – aka HOUSE ARREST.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading. RiP leaves you to the aptly titled song from Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows.

Author: Michael W and Anonymous

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