Each of the 5 rules for life begins with the same three words..

‘Just for today’

Using the words Just for today creates an acceptance that we are all imperfect and can sometimes fail in our mission.

If our mission goes wrong today, then we can always start again tomorrow.

Essentially it means that without pressure or fear of punishment, we can work on improving ourselves each and every day.

This holistic modality works on the body, mind, and spirit and ultimately helps to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. Both mentally and physically.

How it works

Essentially these rules are a reflection of the five principles of Reiki which you can say to yourself at the beginning of each day.

Doing this will help you to add balance and perspective to your daily life.

No one is expected to adhere to these as hard and fast rules. They are guidelines that enable you to work on yourself each and every day, without any added pressure or guilt. 

These rules should be interpreted as a means to improve your daily outlook and actions, and, if you fall short, you can always try again tomorrow. 

Rule 1

Just for today…. I will not worry.

Worry causes fear, stress and anxiety. These emotions ultimately lead to an imbalance of mind, body and spirit. 

Alleviate these feelings by trying to view each obstacle in life as an opportunity. In turn this will help you approach all situations with a positive attitude of mind. 

Rule 2

Just for today… I will not be angry. 

When you become angry, the person or situation then has complete control over you. You must take that control back.

To practice this rule effectively, you need to understand what triggers you into a feeling of anger. You can then learn how to regain control of this negative emotion. 

Once you learn how to respond (in a positive manner) to those things which trigger your anger, you will never again allow anything to take control of your power.  

Tips: Learn how to approach each person or situation with compassion. Try to understand what is occurring below the surface.

Learn to listen…. not wait to talk.

Do not dwell on these negative thoughts, and surround yourself with people who have positive outlooks. 

Rule 3

Just for today… I will do my work honestly.

Your work means ALL the things you have to do during the day. Approach this work with the intention of performing it to the best of your abilities, and with the goal of sharing all of your knowledge with those you interact with. 

Don’t hold anything back, because to do so would be to cheat others of the benefit of your knowledge. 

You would also be cheating yourself by ignoring the fact that you possess helpful gifts which can help others.

Rule 4

Just for today…. I will be grateful.

Give thanks for the many blessings in your life. Think about ALL the good things you have.

If you take the time to keep a list of your many blessings, you will undoubtedly be amazed at how many wonderful things there are to give thanks for. 

Don’t just count the fleeting materialistic things. 

Focus on the things that money cannot buy.

Rule 5

Just for today… I will be kind to every living thing.

According to the law of attraction (and Karma) what we give, we receive. 

When we think positive thoughts, we bring more positive things into our lives. 

Remember that also applies when we think negative thoughts.

Think and do good things to everything around you.

And finally….  

Practicing the 5 Rules for life every single day will help you to find your inner peace and happiness.

Reflecting upon these rules and striving to live within their framework will almost certainly bring about positive changes to every area of your life. 

Always remember that it’s ok to have a bad day – just as long as you learn from it and strive to have a better day tomorrow.

Author: Michael W