Poetically speaking TIME is often depicted as a relentless thief. Scientifically it is explained as the fourth dimension, and practically it is seen as a valuable and limited resource.

We kill time. We save time. We make time. We rob and get robbed of time. We lose time, and yet we have all the time in the world.

The truth is, your choices, decisions and actions will define if time is your friend or your foe.

Taking control of your time means living your own life – not someone else’s – and getting the most out of it.

However, nobody is powerful enough to stop the march of time or slow it down.

This raises the question, is time something which is beyond your control?

No. While you cannot influence the flow of time, you can control what you do with it and ultimatley how to get the most from it.

Becoming a wise manager of your time is sometimes likened to mastering some kind of a sorcery. However the results are often well worth the effort.

Physicist John Wheeler once said:

“Time is what prevents everything happening at once.”

That seems to be as fair a summary of what time does as any other.

Being the master of your time means getting more done, staying energised, and doing more things that you enjoy.

The author, Stephen R. Covey once said:

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. 

Ultimately that quote means that you can spend your time on either useful or useless things.

However, if you call it “investing”, you’ll need to invest your time in something that has a value and an importance for you.

So choose your goals wisely so that the time you spend on them becomes an investment, not an expense.

As we get older we begin to understand how we could have used our time better, and we start to regret why we didn’t spend that time more wisely.

We begin to dream of how good it would be able to go back and amend all the things we did or didn’t do long ago.

But the older we get, the longer and thicker the shadows of the past become. But what’s important here is not holding on to those past memories and ruminating on them. After all we are living in the here and now.

No, we cannot turn the clock back, but we can do is to do our best for today and try to make tomorrow a happy time.

And finally….

I have written this for all the young people out there. Time is the dimension of your potential and you can transform it into the reality you desire.

You can do that with every choice you make. Those choices will determine your destiny. By making the right choices, you will alter the structure of your life.

I leave you with this quote from Dr Joran Peterson:

“To journey happily may well be better than to arrive successfully.”

Author: Michael W