No matter how philanthropic the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation say they are dedicated to bettering the lives of the under privileged, these ‘elite billionaire clubs’ are loyal to nobody but themselves. 

Yes that’s right everyone, Bill Gates can’t write the word ‘help’ without his windows spell checker changing it to e-x-p-l-o-i-t.

You are all no doubt aware that Bill Hates has a history of hi-jacking. His latest ‘jacks’ include the global environment and the ‘poxcine’ industries. 

Did you know that Bill still believes that he once laid a dozen eggs, carried Pocahontas across the Potomac river, built the pyramids, won the Chess Champion of the World title, dug a tunnel to Mesopotamia and played the title role in theHunchback of Notre Dame musical? 

Here’s another thing you may not know. Back in 2013 the hissing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told the world that they wanted to create the next generation of ‘pecker ponchos.’ 

These two virtual particles of death poo argued that the design and composition of the ‘latex sombrero’ hadn’t changed since the 1960’s. 

They said the world would be a better place if more people liked wearing condoms, and thus decided to fund research into a thin, pleasure-enhancing condom.

They tried to convince anyone who’d listen to them that if ‘jonnies’ felt more natural then men would be more likely to wear them. 

He told everyone that he, Bill Gates was just the chap to design a whole new ‘cocked up’ experience for every man on the planet. 

Yikes! Save the children! A rabid cannibal has escaped his cage and is out for blood!

Firstly, WTF does Bill Gates know about making rubbers? He made his billions selling a limp operating system which he largely ripped off from Apple. 

You don’t want a rip-off condom from this clown any more than you’d want his DNA bending ‘poxcine’ stuffed up your bottie. 

Seriously ask yourself, would you wear a limperoo condom designed by Bill Gates?

Nope. Nor me. 

MicroSoft Dickaroo?

I mean, how would they brand it today? The MicroSoft Dickaroo?

Can you imagine a MicroSoft Dickaroo – yeah that sounds exactly like Bill Gate’s dick to me.

Thank-fully nobody took a blind bit of notice of Bill or Belinda – which was a monumental victory for fertile people everywhere. 

So the next time you hear the name Bill Gates – THINK LIMP DICK.

And Finally….

I leave you now with the late Sid Vicious doing his thing – MY WAY.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon.

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Michael W

First published by News Media