Most of us grew up listening to the guidance of other people. Therefore we are used to listening to outside voices giving us advice.

However, for any number of reasons listening to the voices of others doesn’t always work out in our favour…

When we listen to guidance from others we should ask ourselves the following question …

How can anyone else, looking at me from their own perspective and influenced by their own limitations, know the best path for me, even if they have my best interests at heart?

They might come close, but it’s a big MIGHT.

Have you ever had that sensation when your “gut feeling” told you to do something (or not) and then your logical/rational brain ignored it? 

Did you make the choice your brain told you do make but later wished you could go back in time and have another go?

Sometimes, especially when you are uncertain about what to do, making a purely logical/rational/reasonable decision, often leads to one feeling frustrated and depressed later on because the decision you took turned out to be wrong.

It’s easy to let logic win. After all we live in a physical world which has a very compelling way of making itself felt.

However, logic and reason are often just fear-based self-limiting beliefs, in disguise.

Only our individual inner wisdom really knows what’s really right for us because it is not constrained by any self-imposed limitations.

Always remember your “gut feeling” is the voice of your inner wisdom. It is always right.


If you want to learn how to trust the inner wisdom that resides within you, here are some simple steps to help get you started:

1. Tap into your inner child.

A child has inner wisdom – they are not constrained by logic. Logic is a learned program of the brain and it relies on pure analysis. It is designed to fulfil NEEDS often at the expense of inner wisdom.

Inner wisdom, on the other hand, is all about fulfilling our innermost DESIRES.

Start thinking more about your deep down desires.

So. Slow down. Play. Explore. Wonder. Ask questions.

2. Play the “what if?” game.

Pretend you’ve made a decision in your logical mind, and pretend you’re going to commit to it 100%.

How does that FEEL?

Then switch gears and pretend you’re making the decision following your inner wisdom.

Again, how does that FEEL?

Remember, it’s important to slow down and not to rush, force or anticipate any feelings.

Learn to trust, and then go with the feeling. If the decision is extremely difficult you may experience some good and bad feelings.

If one decision feels better, then explore it further. Think in the here and now but also in the long-term.

How will you feel if you follow through with this choice? How will you feel when a goal is achieved?

Within the safe space of your inner wisdom, feel free to explore all the alternatives.

3. Don’t ignore your inner voice.

Imagine you’ve been ignoring inner voice for years. Now, suddenly you expect its help? You’ll need to learn how to listen to it first.

It could come through physical sensations, flashes of insight, novel ideas, words that come to you, conversations or songs that you hear repeatedly in a short period of time, or you may notice something in your environment.

Each time you listen to your inner voice, acknowledge it, thank it, give it respect and accept its guidance.

4. Learning to Listen.

To really “hear” what your inner wisdom says, you’ll need silence.

Meditation is a great way to find silence. Let the answers flow within your quiet space.

Make your meditation sessions peaceful, effortless and pleasurable.

5. Patience – Give yourself time.

It will take time to reprogram yourself away from listening only to your logical mind.

Be patient. It’ll happen.

6. Relax.

Always remember you can always change your mind and change direction any time you want.

Have faith in yourself and trust that you will figure things out – always with the loving guidance from your best source – your inner wisdom.

Peace and tranquility to you all.

Author: Michael W