Hi, my name’s Danny Baker – I’m the co-founder of The Depression Project. From 2008 through to 2012 I struggled with life-threatening bouts of depression.

This led to alcoholism, drug abuse, medicine-induced psychosis, multiple hospitalisations and I was suicidal on more days than I’ll ever remember.

Yet throughout this whole experience, I always felt very lucky, fortunate and grateful.

That might sound really hard for you to believe, given that I was struggling with such a severe case of depression.

But it’s the truth.

Attitude of Gratitude

The reason why I always felt lucky and fortunate is because throughout my whole battle with depression, is that I always practiced gratitude.

Gratitude made all the difference in the world for me, because it gave me the positive attitude I needed to be able to navigate my way through the darkness, and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only has gratitude helped me to conquer my depression, but in the almost-ten-years-and-counting since I’ve been 100% depression-free, it’s helped prevent me from relapsing back into the dark world of this debilitating dis-order.

Throughout all those depression-free years, practicing gratitude has been one of the biggest reasons why I’ve felt so healthy, happy and full of love for my life. 

Works For Me – Why?

So, if you struggle with depression, then I really believe that practicing gratitude will have a profound impact on you as well. 


Because, among other things, gratitude leads to:

1. Feelings of pleasure, joy and contentment – since your mind is focusing on everything you have in your life, as opposed to focusing on the things you don’t have (the latter of which leads to feelings of jealousy, dissatisfaction and misery).

2. Gratitude leads to improved marriages, friendships and every other kind of relationship as well – since it fosters appreciation for others, and as a result, it prevents you from taking people for granted.

3. Gratitude cultivates positive thinking and increases feelings of optimism – which makes it easier to navigate your way through difficult and challenging situations (including depression).

Like I said, gratitude really has been the saving grace of my life, and for this reason, I live on.

And Finally…

Rambling in Pen would like to point out that this article is the story of how the author, Danny Baker, used gratitude to overcome the depression in HIS life. The article is not intended to offer any form of professional advice.

Also. Please be aware that depression can cause a mental health emergency. A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a physical one.

If you believe yours or someone else’s life may be at risk – for example they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose then please call for professional help.

For help click –> here

You will not be wasting anyone’s time.

We leave you now with that beautiful tune from AbbaThank You for the Music.

Guest Author: Danny Baker

Edited by: Rambling in Pen