Saying don’t worry be happy might be an easy thing to say however it all starts with positive thinking.

When you think positive, happy, loving thoughts, you’ll find that you can make different positive choices in life. When you think depressing, negative, anguishing and despairing thoughts… that’s when your choices become limited and unpleasant.

Think about a time when you felt sad or angry – such as your lover left you, or you didn’t achieve a goal that was important to you… and think about the choices you made in the heat of the moment. Chances are that you were very reactive.

You probably felt that the world was conspiring to knock you down, and all you could do at the time was to fend off the attacks. On the other hand maybe you felt that you were unloved and unwanted, so why bother even trying to find someone new…

Reactive Thinking

When you’re reactive in your thinking your repertoire of choices becomes narrow and survival-oriented. Your only concern is to reduce any more loss, or emotional pain. 

Unconsciously you activate your fight-or-flight instincts, because all you feel like doing is running away, fighting or freezing.

The outcome of these reactive thoughts are not great. Yes, you ‘survive’ but you don’t really thrive.

Why not?

Because you don’t have happiness in your life.

Happiness First

It follows therefore that the secret to living a happy life is to be as positive as you can be – not just because of something that has just happened but simply being happy for no specific reason at all.

Maybe that sounds ‘easier said than done’. However, with a little practice and dedication, everyone can do it.

For example. Imagine a time when everything was going well in your life and you felt on top of the world. You felt like you could achieve anything. You felt that no matter what you did, you would have a great time and succeed.

It was because you were happy, you weren’t focused on survival. You took chances. You tried new things. You were bold in deciding what you wanted.

And the results?

Pretty good, if not amazing!

Why? Because when you are thinking positively your repertoire of choices broadens, your options increase, then they multiply on themselves and ultimately this creates happiness.

Therefore positive thinking starts a remarkable string of events which creates happiness and a great quality in life.

Focus on Gratitude

So, when life is not going as planned, how do you apply this “happiness first” idea to your life?

Try meditating because during meditation you can achieve several things:

Using a gratitude thinking process during meditation can bring an awareness to everything that is good in your life. This can ultimately help to transform any negative events and/or situations as it will open your mind up to all the hidden blessings and opportunities that exist in your life.

For example, a friend of mine was once in severe debt and was feeling crushed and overwhelmed by her financial status. When she began mediating and counting her blessings – a roof over her head, good friends, good health, talents, family, her pets, a car that worked, a job she enjoyed – she was able to stopped focusing on what she was missing (money) – she then became much happier.

As she became happier, she became more aware of ways to increase her income.


Because she started to think in terms of “I could do that!”. Instead of worrying that she wasn’t good enough she started to play to her strengths and explore all the ways she could use her talents.

It worked because as she started pursuing these opportunities, lo and behold, her income grew and she gradually became completely debt-free!

Focus on feeling better

If you notice a thought that upsets you, you can always tweak it a little – you don’t have to change it drastically, just add a “but…now add something positive that you would like to experience.”

For example,

“I hate the way I put on weight every winter but it’s spring now and I feel the urge to go outside and walk twice a day!


“I wish he hadn’t been so cruel and divorced me, but I’m going to live my life MY way now!”

If you were to leave the thought at, “I hate the way I put on weight every winter” or “I wish he hadn’t been so cruel and divorced me” you would remain unhappy because you’d be focused on what’s wrong – but if you add a positive “but” statement, you’ll finish the thought on a positive upbeat note every single time!

Whenever you catch yourself in a negative tailspin add a positive “but…” statement.

This is one simple way to train yourself to think more positively – and pretty soon, you’ll FEEL happier and start acting on those thoughts!

Another way is to wake up and practice gratitude. Remind yourself every single morning of all the things in your life which you are grateful for.

During the day whenever something unwanted happens silently give thanks for all the good the things you have in your life and this will help you to react in a way that is for your higher good.

These are two simple ways to train yourself into thinking more positively.. If you practice these every day during your meditation practice it won’t take long before you’ll be able to expand on these methods and apply them to any situation you come across.

And Finally….

Using positive thinking, gratitude and meditation will ultimately help you to rewire your thinking process. This will give you a tremendous boost and completely change your life in a positive way!

I leave you now with a song sung by Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Michael W

Special Thanks To:

Steven Johnson

Music: Bob Marley