Have you ever made a decision based on fear, shame, or guilt?

If you have then you’ll know just how much that feeling sucks.

Let’s be clear here, no matter how strong someone might be, everyone HATES to feel scared, or guilty, or ashamed. And those are the principle components of the secret power of coercion – the core human motivation we are talking about in this article.

The coercion motivator is a propaganda tactic used by the Main Stream Media, Commerce, and most Governments.

Why? Because coercion, which ultimately leads to fear is one of the easiest tactics of a successful propaganda campaign. Depending on the instrument of promotion it can be used on an individual or a collective.

Why is This?

Coercion works because people will do almost ANYTHING to make bad feelings go away, even if it means doing something they don’t really want to do.

Dictators, liars, and politicians know this, which is why they use coercion all the time.

However it’s a fine line because…

Everything falls apart when the target finds out what’s going on.

The only thing people hate more than feeling bad is being forced to feel bad.

This is especially true when they are being coerced by someone they thought they could trust.

When you catch someone trying to pile guilt on you, to shame you, or make you feel scared, you will most likely:

  • Get angry
  • Fight back
  • Never trust them again

So, if you find yourself getting ready to make a big decision, check your inner feelings first.

If fear, shame, or guilt is driving you to make that decision, don’t give in, just ask yourself the following questions;

The 5 Ws








Accept Nothing

Believe No-one

Challenge Everything

If the answers to any of those questions above lead you to believe that you are being coerced by fear, bullied, shamed or in some way forced into making a decision, forming an opinion or to performing an action then reject the person or institution that is doing this to you.

And never ever trust them again.

And Finally…

Remember that any person or institution that is deliberately forcing you to feel bad doesn’t deserve your trust. Not now or at any time in the future.

I leave you now with this magnificent piece of music performed live by Elton John, I’m Still Standing….

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Michael W