In a world full of confusion and conflict it is important to find a balance deep within yourself – a sense of inner peace, self-confidence and belonging.

After all your Mind, Body and Soul deserve this.

One of best ways achieve this sense of inner calm and peace is to use the ancient practice of REIKI together with meditation.

Meditation and Reiki

The best way to practice this is to firstly find a quiet place for your meditation. Then, with your bare feet planted firmly on the ground try to visualise connecting all your chakras with the powerful energy that resides deep within the Earth.

As your mediative state deepens start to use your reiki hand movements with the deep intention of bringing the Earth’s natural energy up from the ground and into your body.

As you continue to relax your mind and body you will start to feel a deep sense of peace settling within your inner soul.

While this is happening you will start to feel the Earth’s natural energy rising up through your feet, into your ankles, shins, knees, thighs, hips and then into your root chakra.

This energy will continue to rise up into your sacral chakra, then into your solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Ultimatley it will then reach into both your third eye and crown chakras.

This natural energy will then begin to send a gentle current throughout your entire being. Then as your mind and body start to feel this energy they will both begin to synchronise it with your inner soul.

And that is when your entire being begins to feel a deep sense of inner peace.

Find Reiki Energy in Trees

A tree receives nourishment much in the same way as we do. The Earth’s natural energy enters trees via their roots, flowing up through the trunk and into their branches. It is then spread to every living creature that touches those branches.

To take this analogy a step further, as we see the earth’s energy flowing up through the trees, nature and ultimately into everything, we as reiki practitioners, can also find this healing energy flowing through every aspect of our lives.

Reiki in Relationships

People often ask if Reiki can have an effect on relationships – partner, spouse, children or grandchildren? Whether others in your household are open to it or not, the answer is a resounding YES.

Everybody can be effected by the presence of healing energy.

For example if you are looking to improve relationships at work ask yourself if, by using your positive energy, do you become softer, gentler, more forgiving with your clients and coworkers?

Just for Today….

At the start of each day try saying out-loud the five ‘Just for Today’ principles of reiki.

Just for today….

I will not anger.

I will not worry.

I will be grateful.

I will be kind.

I will do my work diligently.”

If you use these five principles in every area of your life then you cannot help but to improve your relationships with everyone.

Using these five principles will also help you to resolve any situation, sometimes with immediate results and always in a loving, peaceful and longterm way.

Bringing Reiki Energy into your Home

Here are some ways you can bring Reiki into your home which you may not yet be using.

In your home, take the time to clear the energy in all your living spaces with a smudge.

Too do this you need to fill every room with Reiki and fragrant sage in order to remove any low or negative energies.

Here’s some guides to help you.

1) Use an affirmation such as, ‘I cleanse this room of all lower energies and invite positive vibration‘.

2) Call in your spirit guides, angels and ancestors to assist you.

3) Place candles or colourful crystals around your home to create and hold positive energy.

4) Create a sacred quiet space where you can practice Reiki without the distractions of television or other electronic devices.

5) At work, place crystals around you to inspire and protect you from negativity. Send Reiki to your phone and computer in order to attract positive interactions.

6) Fill your home with spiritual or inspirational books or try angel or tarot decks to inspire and surprise you.

7) Nothing can lift your spirits quite like drawing an angel card and realising you really are not alone.

8) Send Reiki energy to all your house plants. It will help them to grow and nourish your body with their energy.

Share Positive Energy

Even if they don’t realise it, people always notice positive energy and are naturally drawn to it. There are so many opportunities to share positive energy with those you mix with in daily living.

So, when you leave the home try sharing this positive energy with bus drivers, cashiers, the parcel delivery guy or your supervisor at work – everyone you come into contact with.

Your day will only be better when you make use of every opportunity to integrate Reiki into your life.

This will help each and every day to become better for you and everyone around you.

RiP thanks you for reading. Come back soon.

Authors:  Michael W & Patti Deschaine

Editor: Rambling In Pen