Few people are aware of the evil and sinister plot that lies behind the push for mandatory vaccine passports. For a taste of what these vaccine passports will ultimately be turned into please watch the video below.

As you will see in this Thales made promotional video, the concept of a digital ID is being sold to the American public as a form of convenience, something that will protect them, their identities and their money.

Please be aware that the video you are about to watch was made by the military surveillance firm Thales, who have acknowledged that vaccine passports are simply a precursor to digital ID wallets.

Believe this PR stunt at your own risk.

The Trap: For Your Convenience

While watching that scurrilous video did you notice the words, “Remind Lucy to get her MANDATORY VACCINE” ?

Mandatory vaccine? As we mentioned above, “believe this PR stunt at your own risk“.

The editor of The Grey Zone, Max Blumenthal also has severe reservations.

He said in a recent interview on the Jimmy Dore show;

“If your digital wallet falls into the wrong hands, then your life is pretty much over.”

However, the most disturbing part is that having it fall into the hands of hackers and thieves should be the least of your concerns.

A Totalitarian Control system

Consider for a moment the devastating power that a totalitarian regime can have over people’s lives via their control of this system.

Should the regime disapprove of what people say, what they view, what they buy, where they go, how they behave or who they hang out with – losing a digital wallet to a common crook would be a minor inconvenience in comparison to having the state remove it.

As noted by Blumenthal, the dictators in charge of this digital tyranny could declare anyone they liked as a terrorist for say participating in a protest or dis-agreeing with official agenda online.

With a single push of a button they could then shut off that person’s access to all government services, health care and bank accounts. Practically nothing they wanted to do in everyday life would be possible after that.

Beware. The Killer Glitches

In this proposed (and imposed) digital ID system there’s also the possibility of glitches and data errors. This has been illustrated in India where the world’s largest biometric ID system, Aadhaar, assigns Indians a 12-digit unique identity number which is tied to a range of citizen beneficiary services. These errors have led to lethal consequences.

For example, what happens if a fingerprint fails to register, pension payments are transferred to the wrong person and/or food rations are inexplicably cut off.

Why is it that errors like that cannot be fixed?

It’s probably because all the authorities who rely on the system actually have no authority to make changes within it.

Why not?

Because the system is entirely automated, run by algorithms, and anyone working within the system is essentially nothing more than a powerless slave to it.

The problems with this type of system are not unusual.

For example. A random sampling at rationing stations in 18 villages in India Aadhaar, (their compulsory biometric authentication system), showed a horrifying 37% of people were unable to get their food rations due to tech problems.

Want to play Russian Roulette?

When it comes to vaccine passports, we’ve now seen that to maintain a valid passport it will require a person to get an undisclosed number of booster shots. It’s not as if they can simply get the initial one- or two-dose jabs and be set.

Indeed, Big Pharma always has their share holders best interests at heart.

So, every time a booster is released and share prices go up, people’s vaccine passports will cease to be valid until or unless they get that share price booster, be it the fourth or the forty-fourth.

When one considers how dangerous these COVID shots are now turning out to be, people will essentially be gambling with their lives each and every time they get the injection of doom.

And for what?

Say NO to Biomedical Dictatorships

In Italy, where mandatory vaccine passports are now mandatory for all workers, in both the public and private sectors, reports of inhumane exclusions are emerging.

On example is the old woman who was turned away from a hospital because she didn’t have a vaccine passport. She died a few hours later.

Please note, Italy is part of the EU.

And in Lithuania. Lithuanians have some of the harshest COVID shot mandates in the entire world.

There, the unvaccinated are banned from restaurants, all non-essential stores, shopping malls, beauty services, libraries, banks, insurance agencies, universities, inpatient medical care and train travel.

In a series of Twitter posts, Gluboco Lietuva, an unvaccinated father and husband, said;

“With no COVID Pass, my wife and I are banished from society. We have no income and are banned from most shopping trips. We can barely exist.”

You’ll do it to be given basic freedoms that you never even thought could be infringed upon a mere two years ago, such as the right to work, the right to go to school, the right to travel and move about in society as you please, to shop, enter a gym or restaurant or a bank.“

“With no COVID Pass, my wife and I are banished from society. We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist … We tried to buy art supplies for our kids from a craft store. No purchase allowed without a Pass. We tried to buy educational toys in a toy store. We were barred from entering. Can’t buy kitchen supplies. Banal, but frustrating …”

This pressure to submit is everywhere. And it’s overwhelming. Our ability to survive has been destroyed. But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarianism which the COVID Pass represents.”

Indeed, standing up to the tyranny behind the vaccine passports and digital IDs is causing real pain and struggles for citizens.

However, this is nothing to the pain we’ll all be experiencing a bit further down the line if we don’t stand up and say NO now.

Just ask yourselves how much of your freedom are you willing to lose? And please don’t think for a minute that all this will end once everyone gets fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

No sir. As was noted by the financial consulting firm Aite-Novarica in September 2021, after New York city had rolled out their Excelsior Pass, a digital COVID-19 vaccine passport;

“The Excelsior Pass is a step toward comprehensive digital identification … beyond COVID-19 vaccination only, and it serves as a neat pilot program opportunity to that end.”

And Finally…

Make no mistake, sooner or later everyone will have a choice to make:

Freedom or Slavery.

We must say no to slavery, we must not capitulate with this dictatorial system of mass control.

We must support the mass protests to stop the World Economic Forum and their NWO partners from pushing us into a global digital ID and vaccine passport system, along with a centralised digital currency.

Together, we must fight everything that gives them complete control over our lives.

If we let them win then our children and grandchildren will never experience what it’s like to be free.

Rambling in Pen leaves you now with the wise words of David Icke;

“If you know the destination then you’ll understand the journey.”

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Author: Michael W