As the C-19 Omicron variant continues to make headlines across the world, Australia is using it as an excuse for a totalitarian takeover of all democratic institutions and the removal of all the personal freedoms of their people.

How? The dark state hidden deep within the Australian government are currently trying to pass into law legislation which will expand the reach of their existing digital identity system, myGovID.

The myGovID system is the digital ID system that currently allows Australians to access government services.

People Distrust Australian Government

There are countless people in Australia who now doubt the integrity of the Australian government’s digital ID scheme.

An example of this can be seen in a recent article published in the Australian edition of The Conversation;

“After asking around among major stakeholders, it seems this piece of legislation has largely slipped under the radar since it was unveiled on October 1, [2021] …

The government’s proposed Digital Identity system promises a “safe, secure and convenient way to prove who you are online every time you access government services”.

In other words, it aims to streamline your experience by avoiding the need to repeatedly identify yourself when accessing a range of government services.

Currently, you can create a digital identity using a “myGovID” to access 80 government services. This allows you to link your data across services such as Medicare, Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office. 

The new legislation proposes an expansion of powers to outsource the process of identity verification to approved Australian businesses. Presumably, this could lead to an expansion of acceptance of the digital ID system so it can be used more widely than just to access government services …

But this goes against all the standard advice about not linking all of your personal information, such as tax history and medical history, as it can lead to mass analytics, behaviour profiling, targeted advertising, and more (as we saw in the Cambridge Analytica scandal) …

The government says the proposed digital identity system will be entirely voluntary, and that the system is not designed to replace identification documents such as your birth certificate, visa, driver’s licence or passport.

It also says the system will not be used to access or record COVID vaccinations, and that the information collected will not be used for purposes such as consumer profiling or marketing. Of course, Australians who opt to use the system are being asked to put their trust in the government to share their data with “verified” identity providers.”

Conspiracy Theory or Deep State Psych Op?

It should be noted that the objective of a deep state psych op is to ultimately force people into agreeing with and then doing whatever the operation instructs them to do.

Many people have been surprised at the speed and intensity by which Australia is being turned into a dystopian nightmare, free of any semblance of democracy or individual liberties.

For example, to win “Hearts and Minds” the Australian government is using the digital system of identification, myGovID in a political warfare and propaganda program in order to achieve their ultimate aim which is the removal of all the civil rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

An example that the Australian government is using a psych op can clearly be seen in their main stream media publicity campaigns which state that registration to the digital ID system is entirely “voluntary” and a matter of personal choice.

However true that might be today, it certainly won’t be the case in the very near future.

Ultimately the intention of the myGovID program has nothing to do with being voluntary or a matter of choice.

No, ultimately it’s a trap … an Australian deep state Psych Op to ensnare the people into a system of control that will ultimately be used to enforce further government control programs.

It’s therefore highly unlikely that ‘myGovID‘ will remain voluntary for long.

Be afraid, be really afraid people, because this is exactly the kind of system that the New World Order technocrats are trying to implement all around the world – with the power to control the system held by an as-yet unidentified group of unelected leaders.

Yes, Australian’s are the ‘guinea pigs’ here.

Another so called “conspiracy theory” which has now become a harsh reality is the fact that in November 2021, the Australian army began forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to a quarantine camp in Darwin.

That’s in addition to the enforced lockdowns all across the nation.

Australia – Ground Zero for Chinese Influence

In an article published in October, 2018, NPR international correspondent Rob Schmitz, revealed how both Australia (and New Zealand) are now at “ground zero for Chinese influence.”

Here’s an extract from his article;

The Chinese embassy is located in the same compound as the Australian Security Intelligence Organization and Australia’s federal police, and the CCP has infiltrated most of Australia’s society, including universities, think tanks, scholarly associations, media and religious organizations.

In previous articles, I’ve discussed how the technocratic totalitarianism that’s coming for every country is modeled after the Chinese Communist Party’s style of authoritarian rule, and the digital surveillance apparatus that allows the CCP to reach into the homes and lives of every resident.

Not a single expression of dissent goes unnoticed (and typically not unpunished), as the CCP’s automated eyes and ears are everywhere, analyzing every written word and physical action.

A digital ID system is part and parcel of that control structure.

And Finally…

The purpose of the COVID countermeasures are as obvious as they are frightening. Clearly they have little to do with protecting people from a so called ‘deadly virus‘.

No. This ‘plandemic’ is being used as an excuse to implement a series of sweeping societal changes that will take us into a dystopian nightmare, one from which we may not be able to extricate ourselves.

As Juliet Samuel said back in November, 2021 in her article for the Telegraph;

“The question of when exactly we plan to return to a normal level of risk appetite goes unasked, let alone answered … We don’t know much about the latest variant … There are some things we do know, however. We know that new variants are now a permanent fact of life …

What we cannot accept, however, is that our basic freedoms are now just loans that can be called in at any time. Free societies do not require their citizens to get new vaccines every year in order to live a normal life.

‘Let’s not fall at the last hurdle,’ they said. ‘The vaccine is here!’ they said. ‘Just wait for the rollout and then enjoy your freedoms.’ Well, the rollout has happened. The virus is still out there, evolving, and it’s going to keep evolving forever.

This is as good as it’s going to get. So, we need to know when and how we will switch from ‘COVID mode’ back to ‘normal life.’

With so many panic-mongers resisting the change, it won’t happen without a fight.”

There’s no middle ground here people. We must either resign ourselves to giving up everything we hold dear, or we take a stand and refuse to give up even the tiniest bit of our freedoms.

If we choose to keep our civil liberties then we must reject all of these government mandates and become laser focused on the end goal – which is to stop the march of this global tyranny and reassert our human rights and freedoms.

Here’s what UK activist Russell Brand has to say about the situation in Australia.

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