As families gather to celebrate one of the most joyous times of year, the globalists continue to push their (not so) covert plan to take over the world.

Yes, today we are talking about the latest international government roll outs of yet another SARS-CoV-2 variant – Omicron.

Despite it’s scary-sounding name, the Omicron variant appears to be of no inherent value or substance at all.

In other words it’s a nothing-burger.

The variant is said to have originated in South Africa who’s government have said that so far no patients have required oxygen or even hospitalisation for any symptoms whatsoever.

Symptoms of a Common Cold

The panic around Omicron doesn’t make any medical sense at all as the primary symptoms of infection with this strain is a couple of days of fatigue, headache, body aches, sore throat and an intermittent cough.

According to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, who discovered the Omicron variant, the symptoms amount to little more than a couple of days of fatigue and malaise.

In a recent interview, Coetzee said;

“Looking at the mildness of the symptoms that we are seeing – apparently, there’s no reason for panicking as we don’t see severely ill patients…

The most predominant complaint is severe fatigue for one or two days, with headache, body aches and pain. Some will have a scratchy throat and some will have a dry cough that comes and goes.

Those are more or less the big symptoms we have seen.”

In other words, Omicron appears to be nothing more than a hyped-up common cold.

Omicron used to Drum Up Fear

In spite of the science many of the world’s governments are now using their Main Stream Media outlets to build up fear in their respective populations.

The fear element in what are clearly propaganda campaigns have begun with governments, big pharma and health organisations all irrationally blaming South Africa’s low vaccination rate for the emergence of Omicron.

It should be noted that this is all being done in spite the fact that the African continent is known to have extremely low levels of infection compared to the U.S., Canada and Europe.

However, many people are now waking up to the fact that this is exactly what the politician’s big pharma paymasters have told them to do.

Draconian Measures and Propaganda

Despite peer reviewed science and irrefutable facts governments all around the world are once again going all-out to bully their populations into submission and silence, closing their borders and locking down their residents.

For example, in Australia, a known testing ground for the NWO’s totalitarian takeover of the world, they are using Omicron as an excuse to pass legislation which will expand their already intrusive digital identity system.

In Germany, the chairman of the global physicians’ society of the World Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has told reporters that he believes Omicron is as dangerous as the Ebola virus, and has called for the closure of Christmas markets nationwide.

The U.K., the U.S., Canada and the European Union have specifically banned travellers from southern Africa, even though the Omicron variant has been detected in several other countries already.

In fact, some reports claim that Omicron emerged in The Netherlands before it was found in South Africa.

It’s also been found in Australia, even though Australia’s borders have been closed to the unvaccinated since March 2020.

So, how did Omicron get there?

And Finally...

Governments around the world are now blaming Africa’s low vaccination rate for the emergence of Omicron.

This is a particularly irrational claim when one considers that real-world data analyses has repeatedly shown that vaccination rates have nothing to do with rates of infection.

If anything, areas with the higher vaccination rates seem to have higher rates of infections.

Overall, the scientific evidence points to the fact that these untested C-19 vaccines are at best ineffective and at worst, down right dangerous.

Fortunately people across the world are now waking up to the fact that these continued attempts to force them into both a digital ID and a vaccine passport is nothing more than a step toward a one world government run by unelected technocrats.

What we are calling for now is a revolution. We must free our world and our people from the evil that these tyranical technocratic terrorists represent.

Talking of revolution, here’s a musical call sung by Tracy Chapman.


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Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Michael W / Anonymous

Editor: Rambling in Pen.