As a growing number of commentators have recently pointed out the geopolitical New World Order is once again reshaping. As the world watches an invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian military people are asking if there is a growing alliance between Beijing and Moscow.

Why are people asking that question?

The answer to that question may be in the fact that on the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics Beijing China’s Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in secret.

The Meeting

The meeting could have been an opportunity for Xi to urge Putin to pursue diplomacy with the Ukraine and de-escalate the tensions which were then rising between the two countries.

However, less than three weeks later, as Russia began its advance into the Ukraine, the Chinese regime simply looked the other way.

This has prompted many to believe that the Feb. 4 meeting was nothing more than a show of solidarity between the two dictatorial regimes.

Following their meeting the two countries issued a lengthy joint statement in which they announced a “no limits” partnership between themselves, in which there were to be “no forbidden areas of cooperation.”

The 5,000-word communiqué also expressed their joint opposition to the “further enlargement of NATO” and called on the North Atlantic Alliance to “abandon its cold war ideology, to respect the sovereignty, security and interests of other countries and to exercise a fair and objective attitude toward the peaceful development of other States.”

Less than three weeks after the Putin-Xi meeting, Russia began its assault on the Ukraine.

‘A Gentlemen’s Agreement’

Such a detailed statement clearly defines the nature of China and Russia’s emerging relationship.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Bob” Maginnis, U.S. Army (retired) is an internationally known expert on national security and foreign affairs. He believes that Xi and Putin are both determined to stifle the West, dismantle NATO, and ultimately create a new world order.

Maginnis described the communique as “a gentlemen’s agreement” which the rest of the world should consider “very much an alliance.”

He also believes that Putin is confident that this newly forged alliance will help carry Russia through its invasion of the Ukraine.

Maginnis also suspects that the Xi-Putin meeting enabled the “geopolitical back up and financial assurances” needed in order for Russia to soften the economic blow of economic sanctions imposed by the west following the invasion.

Maginnis also believes the fact that the Chinese regime has not yet criticised Moscow for its attack on the Ukraine is a sign of Beijing’s silent support.

Maginnis said that he suspects:

“Xi is very likely encouraged by what the West is doing or more appropriately, not doing.

In light of the raft of Western sanctions, Xi will help launder whatever finances that Putin, the oligarchs, and the Russian government at large needs to keep moving forward.

But what’s most important to the Chinese regime is the fact that the United States is not sending troops to Ukraine.”

Since the regime’s unprovoked assault on the Ukraine Russia has faced universal condemnation from the West.

International trade sanctions have also been implemented against the Russian regime.

However, according to reports Russia is still receiving aid from several countries.

‘A New World Order’

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate and the Chinese regime continues with its ambitions to seize Taiwan, Maginnis believes that both the United States and NATO have found themselves in a new cold war.

Maginnis said:

“Xi is seeking a new world order, as evidenced by many of his writings and speeches. This new world order is one that is far more accepting of an authoritarian regime, rather than the liberal values that formulated the world order post-World War II.”

On the heels of the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its handling of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, some countries are now starting to believe that the United States is rapidly becoming a second-rate world power.

According to Maginnis some of these countries may soon be asking “Who do we want to align ourselves with?” and “Who’s going to really run things in the future?”

Taiwan is China’s Ukraine

Beijing is closly watching what the United States is doing in Ukraine.

With Russia and China working alongside each other to usurp the West, Maginnis doesn’t believe that invading Ukraine means that Putin’s behaviour is somehow “crazy”.

In fact he says quite the opposite:

“Putin is pragmatic, not afraid of pulling the trigger if it’s going to benefit him in the long-term.

Taiwan should be greatly concerned, because that is true of Xi as well; he would pull the same trigger when he feels like it will benefit him the most.

America’s military presence in the Pacific, combined with the impact of crushing economic sanctions, remains the primary concerns of the Chinese regime as it eyes Taiwan.”

Maginnis believes that one thing to watch is whether or not the United States will transport or relocate critical assets out of the Pacific arena to Europe.

Secondly, he asserts that Xi is also watching the effects of the international sanctions on Russia’s ability to take on a war in the Ukraine.

Diversion Tactics

Just prior the Ukraine invasion prominent individuals and corporate entities were being accused of medical fraud, propaganda, mis-information, lies, profiteering and multiple cover ups involving the Corvid pandemic.

These people and corporations were being named and shamed in both the alt media and by whistleblowers. Such was the sheer volume of these accusations it was only a matter of time before the MSM broadcast this information to the world’s population.

One example of this was that on December 6, 2021 a stunning 46-page legal filing was lodged at the International Criminal Court.

The filing was made by an intrepid UK lawyer attorney on behalf of seven British applicants. In the filing they have accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Boris Johnson, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and eleven others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code.

These violations include various crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53.

Read details of the filing HERE

Trials and prison sentences could be the result of this filing.

And let us not forget about the political scandal in the U.K known as ‘PartyGate’ in which members of the government were found to have flouted the ‘lockdown’ rules which the British people had been forced to comply with (by law) during the pandemic ruse.

Our point being this. Who’s talking about these issues now?


And why not?

Because everyone’s attention has been diverted to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine is why not.

And Finally….

Diversion tactics are one of the oldest ploys in the book of empire. A failed elite, a failed dictator, confronted at every turn by a population in revolt.

In a desperate attempt to hold onto power and their control of the population these people will create an emergency (or even a war) in order to divert people’s attention away from the real issues, at least the ones that threaten them.

They will argue, it’s not us. Instead they will blame an evil enemy (portrayed as the scariest of monsters) for the ills which confront us.

This is a sign of the desperation now dominating the US government administration, their corporate elitist partners and the NWO dark state entities.

When it comes to the situation concerning China, Russia and the Ukraine one has to wonder if a few questions have to be asked with regard to the timing of Russia’s invasion

Thank you for reading.

We leave you now with The MonaLisa Twins singing a Nancy Sinatra song… “These Boots are Made For Walking“.

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Anonymous

Special thanks to

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis