Welcome to a new category of news stories on Rambling in Pen – Every Picture Tells a Story.

As any newspaper editor will tell you a headline and a picture should tell the reader all they need to know about the story.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus and English poet Lord Tennyson both understood this. When it comes to how people absorb, process, and retain information, the eyes have it.

Today, we are visual creatures living in a visual world. We think visually, we communicate visually.

We log on to the internet and it gives us our news via graphic illustrations and photographs as much as it does through the printed word.

We feed on it whenever and wherever we please and most importantly – we learn visually.

Essentially Rambling in Pen has searched online and beyond for pictures which will tell a story without using words.

In our search we have found some delightfully funny, intelligent, left leaning and humorous pictures.

We guarantee these pictures and the headline we’ve added to them will tell you all you need to know about the story.

We hope that some of these images will make you laugh but most importantly we hope that all of them give you something to think about.


Elon – Are you listening?

Trust in the Science – really?

How Truth is Censored

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We leave you now with a classic tune from the great Mexican musician, Carlos SantanaSamba Pa Ti.

Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Anonymous