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Welcome to Every Picture Tells a Story for 15-May-2022.

Throughout history there have been a variety of ways that pictures and photography have been used as a means of artistic expression.

However they have also been used as a tool for science and exploration, as instruments in documentation, a record of histories, critique of governments and of course a way to sell news stories.

Today pictures are one of the most important tools of propaganda used by the main stream media who use them, together with dramatic headlines, to mislead their readership as to the ‘news of the day’.

Stop Press Stop Press…

Here are today’s pictures and headlines which have been created by Rambling in Pen in order to reflect a more realistic version (truth) behind the issues facing our world today.

Always remember that a picture and a headline is meant to tell the reader everything they need to know about the story.

So without further ado……

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

China Today

Mobile Phones – Parental Controls

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Peace and tranquility.

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