Their lies – they just keep on coming – their wars they just keep on going. Having been lied into the Iraq war back in 2003, the American public thought they had wised up.

But no, the American public went on to support an intervention in Libya, itself prefaced with lies. They then went on to support the American military’s intervention in the civil war in Syria – to fight the very same Sunni extremists they had been fighting against in Iraq.

Below is a list of wars the US military have also been involved in.

This begs the question – what has made the American public support these military interventions?

Mainstream – Misinformation

The answer to that question may rest in the fact that support for these military incursions was created with blatantly biased news coverage in the Main Stream Media.

Their propaganda style coverage parroted the US government’s lies from impending massacres to chemical weapons attacks, all of which was being fed to them by the American government.

It is therefore more than disappointing to see how the American public have once again been led down the path to supporting a war that never had to be and never would have happened had it not been for the policies enacted by the US government.

Of course we accept there are always going to be Journalism 101-level errors. The MSM could forgiven for these errors were it not for the fact they have repeated the same 101’s when reporting on Libya, then Syria, then Russiagate, and now it seems, the war in Ukraine.

Just as with the baseless rush to war in Iraq, every outlet of the main stream media is now loyally supporting the American government’s PR spin on the Ukrainian issue.

Silencing Truth Speakers

Any journalist who refuses to report slogans like “Ukrainian democracy” or “Russian aggression” are accused as being either conspiracy theorists, cowards or apologists for the heinous actions of others.

Besides being totally inaccurate, these accusations are particularly insidious because they are part of an on-going psych-op being performed on the general public – the purpose of which is to make reasoned debate or dissent impossible.

In the video above investigative journalist, Laura Logan drops a number of ‘truth bombs’ which make it very clear what the American deep state is really doing – and doing so with MSM support.

Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

By pretending that history started with the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Main Stream Media’s stories are being made to look very simple – a clear case of right and wrong.

While it is true that Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion and is therefore responsible for the present war, such a Manichean telling of the story does little to further informed discussion or the truth that lays behind this war.

Indeed, that is precisely the point: Main Stream Media coverage has ignored the decades of declared Russian security interests in the orientation of states directly at its border. They have also obscured the history of US meddling in the Ukraine.

But for the Ukraine, there has to be a seduction. Because there is no reason to invade it, so one had to be created.

This is exactly why the Biden administration is using a “Putin is pure evil” approach, which has been a consistent feature of every recent American conflict.

Putin will use his weapons of mass destruction – WMDs, chemical, biological and nuclear. He is a madman who HaS. To. Be. Stopped.

The MSM have taken up this story with great energy, first as stenographers for the Biden administration’s public statements, and then as amplifiers of the ‘leaks‘ being fed to them by senior officials.

At the same time, dissenting voices have been stifled, including a number of whistleblowers who have been working inside the Ukraine and know that the WMD weapons claims are a hoax.

However, the main stream media has stifled ALL dissent within its ranks completely.

There Is a Significant Neo-Nazi Problem in Ukraine

Since the 2014 coup the empowerment of far right extremists, with openly Neo-Nazi affiliations, has resulted in a dramatic rise in attacks on Jews, feminists, and the LGBTQ and Romany communities. It has also led to the banning of books that question Kyiv’s nationalist propaganda, which itself features the whitewashing of Nazi collaborators.

This is something that until a few years ago the main stream media reported on seriously. However, that was before they knew they were going to have to try and lie the US public into another war.

Now any mention of what, just a year ago, was taken to be an obvious problem is decried as “Russian propaganda!”


When talking about the reporting of events in the Ukraine one freelance reporter noted that the main stream media continue to use/quote sources of dubious credibility:

“ Depend on information from a circle of informants, defectors and exiles bent on regime change in Ukraine, people whose credibility has come under increasing public debate.”

In other words, sources with their own agenda are not reliable.

The reporter also said that information from many of the MSM’s sources is…

“insufficiently qualified and yet it’s allowed to stand unchallenged. Looking back, we will wish we had been more aggressive in examining these claims as new evidence will ultimatley emerge.”

In other words, stenography is not good journalism. A reporter should ask questions, challenge veracity, and should do so especially when new information comes to light.

And Finally….

With the use of blatant propaganda techniques the main stream media have taken the side of the U.S. government in supporting a war in the Ukraine.

As far as the main stream media are concerned the public aren’t supposed to think about it, not critically at least – just like they aren’t supposed to think critically about viruses, vaccination mandates, digital identities, social points, the Great Reset and the forming of a one world global government .

So unless you think context is irrelevant and that recent history is unimportant in understanding what’s really behind the current crises in Ukraine, then everyone should look beyond the main stream media’s narrative before forming an opinion.

Like with Iraq, and as Lisa Wheeler and Lara Logan have both pointed out, the main stream media are presenting a one-sided, coordinated narrative of a complex event with the potential end-game of dragging America into a new conflict.

Will it work again this time?

Let’s hope not.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, if so please share with your friends and family. In the meantime we leave you with a tune from the Sex Pistols – Liar.

Peace and tranquility.

Author: Anonymous.

Special thanks to

Joseph Solis-Mullen – political scientist and graduate student in the economics department at the University of Missouri.