In a recent court case Facebook were forced to admit that their so called ‘Fact Checkers‘ were not actually asserting the true facts but, instead they were publishing their personal opinions.

Facebook have tried to justify this by stating that they are protected under the First Amendment of the American constitution and specifically Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

However in Berlin on June 24, 2019 the minutes of a meeting between Facebook’s vice president Nick Clegg ( former leader of Britains Liberal party) and the then European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova revealed that the Facebook executive had admitted that their fact checkers (employed by the social media platform) have their own political agenda.

Who Funds the Fake Fact Checkers?

Many fact checking organisations also belong to the International Fact-Checking Network which is financed by George Soros (through his Open Society Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy), Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – all of whom are part of the WEF’s technocratic cabal that is pushing for a ‘Great Reset‘.

It should come as no surprise that many of these fact checking organisations are also funded by Big Pharma and Big Pharma PR companies like the Publicis Groupe, which also happens to be a partner of both Google and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

For example, Pfizer funds Facebook’s fact checking operation. Is it any wonder then that Facebook rejects anything that criticizes the COVID jabs?

Pfizer also has significant a conflict of interest with Reuters.

Reuters chairman (and former CEO) James Smith is both a top investor and board member of Pfizer.

Could he have a vested interest in keeping Pfizer’s media record clear of any incriminating truths?

Liz Wheeler: Who Is FactCheck.Org?

The esteemed independent journalist Liz Wheeler has ‘followed the money’ with regards to

She recorded the video (above) and explains her findings.

Watch it as you will find it most informative – and shocking.

Checking the Fact Checkers

RiP has looked into some the better-known ‘fact-checkers’ to see just how independent or otherwise they really are. These sites all claim to be transparent in their funding, but transparency doesn’t mean they’re immune from conflicts of interest.

In many cases, the funders tell us what kind of bias we might expect from them. Only one of the organisations, Infotagion, states that the source information for their checks comes from the World Health Organization and/or international governments.

Most fact checking organisations are members of the International Fact-Checking Network set up by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Amongst its funders are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, along with Omidyar Network.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the most influential ‘fact-checking’ sites.


Best known for its political oversight, Politfact has turned its attention to the pandemic in 2020. It’s mainly funded by the Poynter Institute whose funders include Facebook and Google.

Its team of fact checkers are comprised of journalists and journalism students.


Started in 1994 by David Mikkelson Snopes is one of the first fact checking organisations. When it comes to funding, it claims “We are almost entirely funded through programmatic digital advertising sales, paid memberships, direct contributions, and merchandise sales.”

However, Facebook is listed as a funder in previous years.

‘Fact’ checking is carried out by its team of journalists.

Health Feedback

Health Feedback is part of Science Feedback. A not-for-profit organisation that says it verifies “…the credibility of influential claims and media coverage that claims to be scientific”.

Its fact checkers are scientists who they say “…sort fact from fiction in health and media coverage”.

Its list of funders includes Facebook and the Credibility Coalition whose funders also include Google, Twitter and Facebook.


NewsGuard is a for-profit organisation originally set up to rate websites trustworthiness in the form of ‘nutrition’ labels. It too has turned its attention to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

It’s revenue  “…comes from Internet Service Providers, browsers, search engines and social platforms paying to use NewsGuard’s ratings and Nutrition Labels in the news feeds and search results that they provide to their customers.”.

They also use journalists to award website nutrition labels and undertake fact checking.

Full Fact

Full Fact is a UK based registered charity whose funders include Facebook, Google and Luminate (which was founded by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of ebay). They state they’re “…independent of government, political parties and the media”.

Its fact-checkers are predominantly from a journalistic background.

US based’s main focus has been the political forum, but like other ‘fact-checking’ organisations, it has now entered the coronavirus misinformation arena. In 2020 this led them to accept funding from both Facebook & Google in order to cover the Covid pandemic.

Its ‘fact’ checkers are predominantly journalists.


This new kid on the block, based in the UK, was created specifically to combat coronavirus misinformation, by UK Member of Parliament, Damian Collins.

Funded mainly by a variety of policitians worldwide, they do not share who is undertaking the fact checking.

They are the only organisation to declare they fact check against information provided by the World Health Organization along with UK and other official government advice.

Why has the Media Embraced Censorship

Psy-ops are a crucial weapon in the war of disinformation. As noted by independent journalist Paul Thacker, the mainstream media are refusing to call big tech censorship for what it is, in part because they support, and indeed need, fake fact checkers:

Thacker said:

“Disinformation doesn’t have to be sophisticated when people believe what they read. Once this belief is established, censors ensure that disinformation remains strong, followed by denial that there is censoring. That way inconvenient facts do not mar the chosen story.”

In this era of pandemic disinformation, the chosen MSM story now includes the narrative that the COVID jabs are safe and effective and they have harmed no one.

And there’s simply no way to prop that story up without their fake fact checkers debunking the thousands of scientists and medical experts who have stated to the contrary.

Information Wars: Divide and Conquer

As many countries have now discovered, the covid-19 pandemic has spawned an entirely new breed of disinformation – one which has spread as rampantly as the virus.

This ‘disinformation war’ is being conducted by governmental agencies and private sector corporations, both of whom have been copying the Russian and Chinese methods of mass propaganda.

What we are also witnessing today is how private sector organisations are conducting malign influence operations against anyone who disagrees with their corporate agenda.

Using their corrupted fact-checking sites they have been conducting malign influence operations against anyone who disagrees with their agenda. This has resulted in pubic disputes (about Covid-19 and vaccines) on the social media platforms which in turn has divided entire communities.

This is a population control technique known as Divide and Conquer – it’s an age old technique used by rulers, the elites and the powerful. After all while we are fighting each other we are not fighting them.

The results of these modern day psy-ops have been alarming for those who believe free speech and informed debate are the bedrocks of a democratic society.

History teaches us that public trust in their governments is the achilles heel of all western democracies. Therefore any disinformation aimed at weakening public confidence in a country and/or it’s political leadership can have a potent destabilising effect.

These deep social and ideological divisions are often caused through misinformation campaigns, aka propaganda. By design these campaigns are meant to undermine our societies and render even the most sophisticated of psychological defences utterly useless.

In Sweden the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency monitors all malign influence (including fake fact-checkers) by exposing both the aggressors and their methods.

Perhaps they should go further, by launching information counter-strikes against the offending country’s ruling elite.

With Covid, the most important task in psychological defence is to inoculate the population against believing false information. This should involve teaching people how to verify information.

After all a population able to distinguish truth from lies is vital, not just from a national security perspective but for protection from more mundane threats such as quack cures peddled on the internet.

Other countries too, should show they’re serious about fighting the disinformation virus and immunising against it. Otherwise it will undermine our societies and render even the most sophisticated defences useless.

And fake fact checkers are NOT the way forward.

And Finally…

Ultimately, fact-checking is a much more subjective enterprise than we would like it to be. Truth is real but sometimes difficult to ascertain, particularly when political ideologies and motivated reasoning are involved. To eschew these pitfalls, fact-checkers need to be keenly sensitive to such biases.

Otherwise, fact-checkers will be seen as simply another manifestation of “fake news” and you will be just another brick in the wall.

Talking of which – listen to the lyrics of this classic protest song by Pink Floyd.

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Peace and Tranquility.

Author: Anonymous.